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NC Tendency EA

NC Tendency EA is a trending single EA system that supports single currency or multi currency operations.

  • Trend is determined according to the last 20 K-line. Depending on the detected trend, the EA opens either long or short trades.
  • It sends an order in accordance with the trend direction daily at 4:00 am (GMT+2 ).
  • Uses fixed stop loss and take profit, human intervention not needed.
  • It opens only one order per day for each symbol. No new orders will be placed until the order is closed, but a new reverse order will be placed if the trend reverses the next day.


  • Lots - Order Lots
  • Suffix - currency suffix (such as EURUSDpro, specify pro)
  • TimeZone - Platform Time Zone (GMT + 2 is set to 2 and GMT-8 is set to -8)
  • onlyChart - the EA will only work with the current chart currency (set to false for the EA to work with other currencies, the MT4 platform's EA test function must be set to true)


  • If OnlyChart is set to true, it is recommended to set 0.01 lots per every 200 USD
  • If OnlyChart is set to false, it is recommended to set 0.01 lots per every 600 USD
  • Automated fixed stop loss is used for all trades

Recommended pairs and timeframes

  • Leverage >=50:1


  • E-Mail: niubechen@hotmail.com
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