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NC Crazy Line EA

NC Crazy Line EA is an automatic Expert Advisor based on RSI and moving average.

  • An order is placed when the moving average and RSI have a short-term breakout signal.
  • If a false breakout occurs, new orders are opened when the loss reaches the specified stop loss in pips.
  • Set the stop loss range by yourself and the risk is more controllable
  • The risk level can be flexibly set. Of course, risk and profit are often proportional too.
  • The minimum required deposit is $1000, but it is recommended not to fall below the $2000 mark.


  • MoneyManagementType: Fund management model.
  • Risk: Percentage of funding risk.
  • Lots: Size of lots. Useful when MoneyManagementType=Fixed, first order only. The volume of subsequent orders will still be increased according to LotFactor.
  • MagicNumber: Chart unique identifier (please set different values for multiple charts).
  • LotFactor: multiplier for additional orders.
  • TakeProfit: take profit in points, must be greater than 0.
  • StopLoss: stop loss in points for additional orders.
  • MaxOrder: the maximum number of orders.
  • StopPercentage: the minimum equity percentage for stop loss.


  • When MoneyManagementType is set to automatic, the order lot size will be automatically set according to the account funds.
  • When the MoneyManagementType is set to Fixedlot, orders will be fixed according to Lots.
  • The default values are recommended for rest of parameters. To reduce the risk, set the value of the Risk parameter to 0.5.
  • Platform assumes EURUSD spreads less than or equal to 2 pips.

Recommended currency pairs and timeframes

  • H1: EURUSD
  • Leverage >= 100:1
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Version 1.10 2018.08.14
1. Join the information display panel
2. Add the parameter MaxSpreads, which is used to control the spread greater than this value and not place an order.