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NC Night EA

NC Night EA is an ultra-short-term EA system based on moving average during the night swing market, supporting single currency or multi-currency operations.

  • Short-term operation when oscillating at night.
  • According to the average movement of the swing period, judge the timing of entry.
  • Set the stop loss range by yourself and the risk is more controllable
  • The risk level can be flexibly set. Of course, risk and profit are often proportional too.


  • MoneyManagementType: Fund management model.
  • Risk: Percentage of funding risk.
  • Lots: Order Lots.
  • MagicNumber: Chart unique identifier (please set different values for multiple charts).
  • TimeZone: Server Time Zone
  • StopLoss: Forced Stop Loss Points (pips), in the range of 2-999
  • ProfitLoss: Profit Points (pips), Must be greater than 0
  • MaxSpreads: Maximum spread
  • OneHourProfitLoss: the order holds more than 1 hour profit points
  • TwoHourProfitLoss: order holds more than 2 hours profit points


  • When MoneyManagementType is set to automatic, the order lot size will be automatically set according to the account funds.
  • When the MoneyManagementType is set to Fixedlot, orders will be fixed according to Lots.
  • The rest of the parameters recommend the default value
  • Platform Type Recommended ECN or Low Spread STP

Recommended pairs and timeframes

  • Leverage >=50:1

Real display account

  • https://www.mql5.com/zh/signals/425964
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Version 1.10 2018.06.22
1. Add the parameter OneHourProfitLoss (the order holds more than 1 hour profit points)
2. Add the parameter TwoHourProfitLoss (order holds more than 2 hours profit points)