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Multi Currency True Strength

Are you a day/week/month trader, or even a quick scalper? MCTS will show you the best trending currencies to trade on any timeframe.

By using a unique algorithm MCTS measures the strengths of individual currencies and then combines them into pairs to show you the best pairs to trade.

Monitor all 8 major currencies and all 28 pairs.

Monitors the strengths of the following currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, AUD, NZD, CHF, CAD.

Measure the true strength of a currency on any timeframe.

Know which currency is trending up or down.


This indicator shows multiple individual currency strengths as measured against all the other currencies from a starting point which is the timeframe. It measures the price movements of the applied chart currency pair comparing the base and counter currency occurring in all the other base/counter currencies and shows the strength movements.

The strength of the currency is measured from a starting point (timeframe) until the next staring point (timeframe).


  • single or all currencies graph
  • change timeframe
  • histogram function on single currency pair
  • automatic highlight of currency on currency chart
  • automatic sorting of best up trending currency pairs with spread
  • automatic sorting of best down trending currency pairs with spread
  • easily change displayed currency pairs by clicking on the indicator
  • meter sidebar showing the values of each of the 8 majors


  • dif - This is the strength difference to put a arrow on the chart
  • timeframe - drop-down: choose any timeframe
  • width - the line thickness
  • font_size - drop-down: choose from the drop-down menu the font size
  • type - drop-down: choose from the drop-down menu line or histogram
  • if choosing histogram select 'current_only' to true
  • current_only - drop-down: choose true or false to show all or only current currency
  • Alerts - drop-down: This will put up the alert box and draw the arrows on the chart
  • bars - choose the number of bars to calculate back.
  • suffix - input the currency pair suffix if your broker uses one.
Aequitas omnia
Aequitas omnia 2019.10.02 14:35 

Nice Currency Strength indicator. 5 from 5

sunnychow 2019.05.06 17:49 

it is good work.

Neil Groom
Neil Groom 2017.10.20 01:12 

This is the best Currency strength indicator I have ever come across, and I have tried them all.

Id do a screenshot and post it but not sure how. See a screenshot on forexfactory of todays result. I was blown away.


Well worth the price. I'm blown away and it takes you away from the usual rubbish of moving averages, RSI etc.

This is the real deal.