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How it works

Simply, it is trading a group of Moving Average lines as much as you want.

It is trading the Moving Average direction. When all of the Moving Averages are going up then it is a buy signal, as well as the opposite direction would be the sell direction.


  1. Lot Type: Selection of two options: Auto or Manual Lot Size.
  2. Amount for AUTO Lot: When you select the Lot Type = Auto, the lot size will be calculated on the entered balance that you entered in the EA inputs.
  3. Auto Lot Size Each Amount: Would be calculated with the Amount you defined in the EA inputs for Auto Lot Size.
  4. If Lot Type = Auto:

    Then Lot Size will be = Account Balance / calculated amount * calculated lot;

    calculated amount is the Amount for Auto Lot

    calculated lot is the Auto Lot Size Each Amount you defined to be calculated with the Amount for Auto Lot

    Example: You have entered the value of Amount for Auto Lot = 100

    & The value of the Auto Lot Size Each Amount Entered as = 0.01

    While your current account balance is 900$

    Then any placed trade will open 0.09 lot size, as 900/100*0.01

    If your account balance is 300$ then the lot size would be 0.03

    If Lot Type = Manual

    Then Lot Size = The Fixed Lot Size what ever the account balance is.

  5. Fixed Lot Size: when selection is Manual mode, this value of the lot size will be same whatever the account balance.
  6. Magic Number: The Trades' Magic Number.
  7. Slippage: Maximum Slippage in points.
  8. Stop Loss (0 = Disable): Value is in Pips.
  9. Take Profit (0 = Disable): Value is in Pips.
  10. Enable Trailing Stop: True: will enable the Trailing Stop. False: will disable the trailing stop.
  11. Trailing Start: The value in points, where the orders modification of Stop Loss should happen.
  12. Trailing Stop: The update of Stop Loss in points. It will be updated when the value of Trailing Start has reached.
  13. Trailing Step: The Trailing Step is used in conjunction with the Trailing Stop.
  14. Moving Averages Mode: ALL Moving Averages Mode list.
  15. Moving Averages Price: ALL Moving Averages Price list.
  16. How Many Lines Needed: It is the total of Moving Avg. periods.

It is working with all Brokers, all Currency Pairs, all Account Types, and all Time Frames...

2017.09.19 19:38 

Very very good

Evgeniy Machok
2017.04.26 14:51 

Simple and clear idea, and it's good of course.

There are not any currency or timeframe limits.

Great field for parameter optimization.

5 stars.

P.S. The EA writes "bye" in journal, when optimization stops))