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Signal Lot Enlarger Pro

Found a great signal, but a provider's lot is too small? You need larger position volume, but terminal settings are too poor? SignalLotEnlarger will increase the provider's position volume by means of a duplicate order of the needed volume. Just set a lot size and a name of a signal for copying orders from.

This is the version with extended functionality, the lite version can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/8117

With the Pro version you can:

  • disable copying new orders from the signal and simultaneously control the previously opened duplicates;
  • copy and control one specific order;
  • copy orders even when they are in profit (a separate mode is provided for that);
  • duplicate and control the take profit and stop loss of the original orders (this feature will be useful in cases of disconnection from the server)


  • Copy_ (Allow copying) - enable/disable copying (set false in case when it is necessary to control the already opened pairs without opening new duplicates);
  • Kof (Lot multiplier) - lot multiplier for the opened position copy;
  • Signal_Name - name of the signal (you can copy it form the provider's comment to the order) ;
  • Profit_Opening - if true, a duplicate is opened only when the original has a negative profit, false - duplication happens in any case;
  • OneOrderCtrl - enable/disable single order control;
  • ControlTicket (Order Ticket) - ticket of the required order (if single order control mode is enabled, this parameter is ignored);
  • Send_Mail - enable/disable E-mail notifications on opening positions.

The EA's Features:

  • The EA operation does not depend on ticks, opening/closing positions, changing the stop loss and take profit happens almost instantly;
  • Positions of any currency pairs are copied;
  • The duplicates are closed automatically;

Testing the Expert Advisor:

Prior to install the EA on a real trading account you can examine its performance on a demo account. You need to install the EA and open/close positions manually specifying the signal name in their comments, and this signal name must be preliminarily specified in Signal_Name parameter (i.e. you simulate real signal orders).


  • Install the EA on one chart only;
  • Be careful when choosing the lot size - don't run it into the ground;
  • Enter the exact name of the signal to the Signal_name parameter

Video example of the EA operation can be seen on the page of the Signal_Lot_Enlarger_Lite https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/8117

Your comments and suggestions concerning new versions of SignalLotEnlarger are welcome. Write in Comments or send private messages to the developer.

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