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Info Plus

Info Plus is a simple tool that displays the current status on an asset class.

The information displayed by Info Plus includes:

  • Bid Price
  • The high and low of the day.
  • Candle time left.
  • Current spread.
  • Selected timeframe.
  • Asset class selected (Symbol).
  • Pip value.
  • Open Positions.
  • Pips per trade.
  • Session times (they may not be accurate and are subject to changes).
  • Date and time.

How it Works

When loaded onto any chart, InfoPlus automatically gets the following parameters:

  • Bid Price
  • The high and low of the day.
  • Candle time left.
  • Current spread.
  • Selected timeframe.
  • Asset class selected.
  • Pip value.
  • Session times.
  • Date and time.

The pip values shows the worth of a pip of an asset. The worth depends on the lot size to be used which can be adjusted in the Input parameters.

Once a trade has been executed, the open positions increases to 1. The number of open positions will increase or decrease depending on the amount of positions opened.

A trade counter appears with a list of trades opened sorted in ascending order, with the number of pips booked.

If the number of pips booked is negative, the pips booked appear in red color. If positive, the pips booked appear in blue color. These colors can be changed in the Input parameters.


The header and the footer can be positioned differently.

The risk of the open positions is also displayed on the left side of the trade counters. The risk is calculated by dividing the amount of money you are willing to lose by the account balance. Note that this will only work if a stop loss is set.

If the risk is a positive value, the color is red, and if the risk is negative, the color turns to blue.

You can choose to hide the percentage at risk display panel by turning it off from the menu.

Also, you can choose to hide the sessions timer and the open positions (Pips booked) counter as well

More added customization include:

  • Select the font type eg, Comic sans, Times New Roman, Segoe Print, Lucida Handwriting etc.
  • Select the font size
  • Line spacing
  • Column Spacing

Line spacing and column spacing will come in handy when you increase the font size and everything looks squeezed.

Input Parameters

  1. Header Vertical shift.
  2. Header Horizontal shift.
  3. Footer Vertical shift.
  4. Footer Horizontal shift.
  5. Positive pips color.
  6. Negative pips color.
  7. High spread color.
  8. High of the day color.
  9. Low of the day color.
  10. Display open positions
  11. Display risk on open positions
  12. Display sessions open
  13. Font Type
  14. Font Size
  15. Line Spacing
  16. Column Spacing
  17. Current time and candle time left color.
  18. Symbol color.
  19. Other Colors.
  20. Line separator color.
  21. Lot size to be used when calculating the pip value. Default is 1.0.
  22. Indicator Label.
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great stuff

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Version 1.2 - 2017.05.17
Bug Fix.
Pip value and percentage at risk return 0 when terminal is restarted.
Version 1.1 - 2017.05.02
Header and Footer Positioning separated. That means you can Position the header differently and the footer differently.
More customization added.
•Decide if to Display Open Positions.
•Decide if to show percentage risk on the open positions. This new feature shows the percentage of risk on each trade. The calculations depends on the stop loss, and if the stop loss is not placed, the percentage at risk will not show.
•Decide whether to show session open and closed.
Set your preferred font type, font size.
Note that when you change the font type and size, you will also have to adjust the line spacing and column spacing.
Indicator icon added as well in the dialog box