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This Expert Advisor is intended for the users who like simplicity. The EA operation is very simple, requiring minimum settings.

Signals are produced by one indicator Parabolic SAR (Parabolic Stop and Reverse system). It has only one buffer. The entry signal is generated when the indicator direction changes. When points over the price no longer appear, and the first point appears below the price - this is a buy signal. If points below the price no longer appear, and the first point appears above the price - this is a sell signal (featured in the screenshot).

The levels of Stop Loss, Take Profit, Trailing Start and Trailing Stop are determined automatically based on the distance from the price to the distant (preliminary) point of Parabolic SAR. This is a basic distance, it can be adjusted through the field StopsFactor, which increases or decreases the distance (by default it is 3 times increased). Stop Loss and Take Profit are equal to this distance. Trailing Start is half of the distance, and Trailing Stop is equal to 1/3.

The default settings provide one-direction operation - only Buy. The EA has been tested on EURUSD on the data for more than a year. Testing showed that the EA makes 150% per year with a maximum drawdown of 18%. It is shown in below figures. You can try to find profitable combination of other currency pairs, but separately for Buy or Sell and then combine into a multicurrency Expert Advisor.


  • SetName - you can specify the name of the setting for convenience.
  • OrderComment - a comment for orders.
  • Magic - magic number.
  • ProhibitNewSeries - disable further positions (the current one will be completed through).
  • LotRounding - lot rounding for 0.01 - 2, for - 0.1 - 1, for 1.0 - 0.
  • TypeRisk - lot can be calculated based on the stop, deposit or free margin. If the deposit is small then the minimal lot will be automatically used.
  • Risk - lot calculation value depending on TypeRisk.
  • PeriodSignal - the period of Parabolic SAR.
  • StopsFactor - ratio for adjusting stops (described in the above text).
  • OnLong - buying.
  • OnShort - selling.
  • TypeFilling - the policy of execution of the order.
  • Maximum - Parabolic maximum.
  • Step - Parabolic Step.
  • SignalBar - bar, from which begins to look at the indicator (1 - this is the first fully formed bar).
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Version 2.0 2018.07.25
Added support for accounts such as hedging.