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Yggdrasil MT5

Yggdrasil is a fully automated hedging system. The EA opens orders in both direction on the chosen pairs by the user. Currency pairs aren't traded individually, all trades opened are part of the system. The algorithm will close the unprofitable orders with the available profit. It prevents drawdown to increase if a big trend occurs on a currency pair.

The EA is designed to be efficient with minimal settings. No need fine tuning parameters, it's a long term "set & forget" expert advisor.

As the potential of the EA is revealed when used on several instruments, backtesting the EA doesn't show his real work. You can check EA's signals to see how it performs.

Settings :

  • Pairs: The currency pairs to trade, separated by coma. (ex: EURUSD,GBPUSD,AUDUSD)
  • MinProfit: The minimum profit to close a basket of positions, in currency.
  • Distance: Distance between orders, in pips.
  • MagicNumber: Identification of the trades the EA is working with.

/!\ Important : Attach the EA to only one chart. It will trades the pairs defined in the settings even if the chart isn't opened.

Recommendations :

  • VPS
  • Hedging account
  • Leverage of 1:500
  • minimum of ~250$/pair traded at 0.01 lot
  • Timeframe : M1

Price of the EA will increase as the signal grows

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