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ADXFactor Automato

ADX Factor Automato will trade any symbol you want automatically. You don't need to worry about your trades, as this program will trade everything for you to make your job for you. This uses ADX Factor to make decisions and does the all the job. All you need is to set some parameters:

  • MaxLots—Number of max length of Lots (Lots will be calculated automatically according to the ADX factor).
  • StopLoss—Your Stop Loss.
  • TakeProfit—Your Take Profit.
  • MinADX—Min ADX Main to do some trade.
  • MaxOpenOrderBySymbol—Number of max orders open can open in the same time (by symbol).
  • PeriodCalc—Period to calculate ADX data.
  • MagicNumber—ID number to identify orders.
  • DifADX—Min Dif between ADX+ and ADX- to do some trade.
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Version 1.2 2015.02.27
Added trailing stop.
Good results are shown when using the default values on EURUSD (initial deposit is $1000).