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Fractal Pattern Scanner MT5

Breakout Trading and then Recommend for Reversal

Fractal Pattern Scanner will do a lot of complicated calculation at the background. However, it provides simple trading operation for you. Here is some explanation. The Mother Wave pattern (i.e. breakout pattern) will provide you breakout trading opportunity. When the price crosses the breakout line, there is a good chance to catch profit from this breakout. The good thing is that it also provides the potential reversal price level as soon as the breakout pattern is detected.

In summary, for your trading, you use breakout for the first profit opportunity, then you will use reversal for the second profit opportunity. However, if the market is too strong on breakout, then you can skip the second profit opportunity and just keep holding on the first breakout opportunity. However, the success of breakout is subjective to probability. It is not bulletproof.
That is it. Trading operation is simple. However, you can digest the provided articles for your trading.  You could become the professional trader, who can make the profit from Fractal Pattern and Fractal Wave. You understand the principles of nature and you make profits from them. It is wonderful thing to do in this world.


Main Features

1. Provide Breakout Trading and Reversal Trading with Pattern detection. 

2. Automated Gann's Angles (Gann's Fan) - measure trend strength with angled lines. We provide advanced Gann Angles.

3. Automated Andrew's Pitchfork

4. Automated Fibonacci Expansion and Trading Recommendation on important ratios (associated with Mother Wave detection)

5. Provide the Multiple Timeframe Panel for Turning Point Probability in price dimension (i.e. amplitude) and time dimension (i.e. wavelength)

6. Fibonacci Probability Graph helping to detect more accurate rising wedge, falling wedge and triangle patterns

7. Improve trading performance with Harmonic Pattern and X3 patterns with probability filter

Fractal Pattern Manuals 

●  Fractal Pattern Scanner Trading Operation Tips (Must read)  

●  Breakout Trading or Reversal Trading (Must read) 

●  ABC of Breakout Trading with Fractal Pattern (Must read)

    ●  Understanding Gann’s Angles with Probability – Brand New Technology

      ●  Combining Gann Angles from Multiple Projection Origins

      Fractal Pattern Strategy Guides

      Introduction to Fractal Pattern in Financial Market

      ●  Geometric Prediction, the Bible for Successful Trading (Must Read)

      ●  Turning Point, Peak, Trough, Swing High, Swing Low, and ZigZag

      ●  Fractal Wave, Mother Wave, and Child Wave


      Trading Price Pattern with Turning Point Probability

      ●  Fibonacci Probability Graph

      ●  Mother Wave and Child Wave with Joint Probability

      ●  Predicting Volatility with Turning Point Probability

      ●  Support and Resistance Trading with Turning Point Probability

      ●  Harmonic Pattern Trading with Turning Point Probability

      ●  Falling Wedge Pattern and Rising Wedge Pattern with Turning Point Probability

        Gann Angles with Probability

        Reversal Trading with Fractal Wave and Stochastic Cycle (Must Read)

        Breakout Trading with Fractal Wave and Stochastic Cycles (Must Read)

      Fractal Moving Average Indicator

      Every Fractal Pattern Scanner users can use Fractal Moving Average Indicator together with Fractal Pattern Scanner. Fractal Moving Average Indicator is free.


      Important Note about Fractal Pattern Scanner

      Please read the provided manuals and strategy guides thoroughly before buying Fractal Pattern Scanner. If you know how to use strategy tester, then you can test many features of the product in the strategy tester before buying them.

      Further Note about Fractal Pattern Indicator

      Fractal Pattern Scanner can be used on its own. However, because this indicator provides valuable probability information, you can always combine with different trading system like below:

      Profitable Pattern Scanner
      Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner
      Mean Reversion Supply Demand
      Elliott Wave Trend

      YouTube Videos

      1. Gann Angles, Mother Wave pattern,Fibonacci Expansion,Andrew's Pitchfork, and Probability Panels:  https://youtu.be/QGHvKjECX1U

      2. Trading with Fractal Wave and Stochastic Cycle using Fractal Pattern Scanner: https://youtu.be/_bstJrIevSQ

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      Version 19.5 2020.08.04
      In version 19.5, Fractal Pattern Scanner will display "Unconfirmed Peak" and "Unconfirmed Trough" text for the latest Fractal Wave identification for the user.
      Version 19.2 2020.07.13
      In version 19.2, Fractal Pattern Scanner will provide the following three information for the breakout signals.

      Buy or sell breakout signal + status of breakout signal if the current price crossed or not crossed the breakout price level + origin of breakout price.

      Then enjoy this powerful trading system for your trading.
      Version 19.1 2020.06.20
      In version 19.1, Fractal Pattern Scanner provides lable for Buy Breakout and Sell Breakout. Hence, you will get the sense of direction of trading easier. All the major functionality are the same as before.
      Version 19.0 2020.06.09
      In version 19.0, the detected breakout signal (mother wave) will be described in terms of A – B = C.

      Respectively, A, B and C are described as below:

      A: How many bar ago the origin (peak or trough) of the breakout was detected

      B: How many bar ago the current position of breakout (peak or trough) was detected

      C: Distance between origin of breakout and current position of breakout ( A-B =C)

      Therefore, with C, you can find out how fresh or mature the breakout signal is immediately. Smaller distance (C) means the fresh breakout to enter. Depending on the market condition, you can also enter the breakout while it is running too.
      Version 18.9 2020.05.24
      In version 18.9, you can use both Breakout Trading Mode and Turning Point Trading mode. In Breakout Trading Mode, Fractal Pattern Scanner detect small and young child wave with the potential breakout. In Turning Point Trading Mode, Fractal Pattern Scanner will detect the mother wave with mature probability.
      Version 18.8 2020.05.23
      In version 18.8, you can use both Breakout Mode and Reversal (Turning Point) trading model. In Breakout Mode, Fractal Pattern Scanner detect small and young child wave with the potential breakout.
      Version 18.6 2020.05.21
      In version 18.6, now you can lock Fibonacci Expansion Lines from Mother Wave detection. With the extended Fibonacci Expanstion lines, it is easier to combine them with Andrew's Pitchfork. See the provided the screenshot for that.
      Version 18.2 2020.05.03
      In version 18.2, now you can lock the nine Gann Angles by just one button click. This helps you to combine multiple of Gann Angles in your chart.