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Skiey - Indicator of easy solutions! Using this indicator is very simple, since the simplest is to look at the chart and act according to the color arrows. Such a calculation option takes into account intraday price fluctuations and focuses on measuring the "candlestick" share in the trend.

The algorithm takes into account the measurement of prices, this method also emphasizes the measurement of each of the price drops (H / C, H / O, LC, LO) - which gives more detailed information but also more averaged. When calculating this indicator, the logarithmic gains are first calculated at the closing price, which allows you to filter out the trend, seasonality and other inclusions that spoil the volatility picture, then the standard square deviation is constructed from the data obtained.

Works on all currency pairs and all timeframes without restrictions!
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Version 1.2 2020.06.09
Обновление на версию MetaTrader 5 с номером билда 2485.