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EA for any levels indicators

With the help of an EA, you can create your own automated trading system using any level indicator. This indicator can be such as: Bears, Bulls, CCI, MACD, RSI or another similar one, the calculation result of which is a chart in a subwindow with any levels.
To do this, it is enough to have it in the folder where all the indicators of the terminal are located (... \ MQL4 \ Indicators).
  • 1) in the EA settings you need to specify its name (as it is written in this folder);
  • 2) indicate how many main parameters used for calculation, the indicator itself has;
  • 3) enter their values - sequentially as in the indicator. If the indicator has a total of main parameters, for example, 2, then the 3rd, 4th and 5th can be left with a "0".

In the course of the EA’s work, when the indicator crosses the “Sell level” set in the advisor’s settings, from top to bottom, the EA opens a Sell order.

And vice versa: when the indicator reads cross the “Buy Level”, set in the adviser settings, from the bottom up, the EA opens a Buy order.

The values of the levels can be interchanged and thus the EA will open orders in the opposite way.

There are two main modes of operation of the EA:

  1. Opening orders until the specified profit is reached (using the lot multiplier for opened orders), an example in the video;
  2. Opening orders having certain take profit and stop loss.

There are also functions of breakeven and trailing-stop.

Basic settings:

  • Indicator name - indicator name in the terminal folder (... \ MQL4 \ Indicator);
  • Number of indicator parameter - the number of main indicator parameters used by him for his calculation;
  • Parameter 1-5 - the values ​​of the main parameters of the indicator, are entered alternately - as they are entered in the indicator;
  • Sell ​​level - the value of the indicator level, at the intersection of which from top to bottom the EA will open a Sell order;
  • Buy level - the value of the indicator level, at the intersection of which from the bottom up the EA will open a Buy order;
  • Magic number - identifier of EA orders;
  • Start lot - initial lot;
  • Lot multiplayer - lot multiplier (used for open orders when the Use SL & TP option is disabled);
  • Close by TP in money - closing all orders upon reaching the specified profit margin;
  • TP in money - the amount of profit in the deposit currency;
  • Use SL & TP - use of certain take profit and stop loss for each order;
  • Stop loss - stop loss;
  • Stop loss - take profit;
  • Trailing-stop - trailing-stop;
  • Trailing-stop points - the size of the trailing-stop in points;
  • Breakeven - breakeven;
  • Breakeven points - breakeven in points;
  • Breakeven profit points - the amount of profit in points at which breakeven is activated;
  • Show trade comment - showing the panel of trade information;
  • Header color - header color;
  • Background color - background color.

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