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Turbo Pivot

  • Entry Select market entry time frame.
  • Transience PIVOT Level 1 Number of bars for trade open from Pivot to R1/S1 levels. 0 value means no trades will be opened.
  • Candle Length Difference between the highest and lowest bars (in points) determining trade open for this price levels.
  • PIVOT Entry Time Entry hour time determining trade opening.
  • Range Time Maximum number of hours to search out for a trade.
  • P Break Point Distance (between the Pivot price level to R1/S1 price level) beyond which a trade can be opened.
  • Multi Currency Entry True means Multi Currency entry trades are allowed. False means not allowed.
  • Symbol Choose Multi Currency symbol.
  • Candle Length This is the difference between the highest and lowest bars (above that symbols pivot).
  • Fast Hourly Pivot MA Fast moving average period.
  • Method Moving average method.
  • Shift Moving average shift.
  • Slow Hourly Pivot MA Slow moving average period.
  • MA Method Moving average method.
  • Slow Shift  Moving average shift.
  • Back Tested Spread Enter the value of spread used for optimization/back-testing. 0 means current broker's spread value.
  • Scalp Deviation The exit point for scalping trades. Number multiplies spread value.
  • Profit Deviation The difference between pivot price level and profit deviation = Take Profit. Number multiplies spread.
  • Loss Deviation Difference between pivot price level and loss deviation = Stop Loss. Number multiplies spread.
  • Max Trade Life Days Maximum Trade life in Days after which based on some other market conditions, trades may be closed or hedged.
  • Turbo Charged Hour Range Period of hours (daily) to search for a turbo charged trade.
  • Turbo-candle Length Difference between the highest and lowest bars (in points) determining a turbo charged trade open.
  • TurboLot Size Choose Turbo charged lot size (based on risk appetite). 0 value means turbo charged trades will not be opened.
  • Current Chart Symbol Symbol to be traded.
  • Settings Expiration Year Year beyond which no trade will be opened (but trades can be closed).
  • Month Month beyond which no trade will be opened (but trades can be closed).
  • Day Day beyond which no trade will be opened (but trades can be closed).
  • Lot Size For small sized account, set lot size. 0 value means lot size will be automatically determined by 'Risk Manager'.
  • Start Up Funds The amount to be managed by risk manager. Start Up Funds must be less than Account Balance.
  • Traded Charts Number of charts Turbo Pivot Trader is currently loaded in.
  • Risk In Percent Account Balance Risk value (in percents of start up funds) that is to be used for trading and auto-calculating lot size.
  • Back Tested Draw Down During optimization, this value must be set at zero. After back-testing and forward testing, choose settings with lowest draw down and then enter the draw down value here. This will automatically calculate the lot size.
  • Trade Identity Number Vary this number (per setting) if more than one settings (of a particular symbol) are to be concurrently traded in different charts.
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Version 7.617 2020.05.05
A necessary overhaul.
Introduction of Mystery Quotient - a stabilizing value. Set Input Range (between 50 and 250) for optimum performance.

With this New Version, please ensure to test and optimize the EA with the actual amount intended for deposit.
Version 7.517 2020.03.28
Overhauled the risk/account management section.
Introduction of the input 'Mystery_Quotient' - a must optimized stability variable.
Much Lower draw downs.

Please optimize before usage.
Version 7.417 2020.03.12
Version 7.317 2020.02.15
Fully revolutionalized Turbo Pivot EA.
It is better suited for multi-currency trades.
Please optimize within reasonable intervals.
Version 7.217 2019.11.07
Some additional input settings of which are explicit to use. Improved code works better without errors. Profits are more steady.
Version 7.117 2019.10.11
Since there are three main trade entry mode, prevailing request suggest we should allow each one to be independent.
Non Turbo Entry
Multi Currency Entry
Turbo Charged Entry