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Intra Day Pivot Trader

Intra Day Pivot Trader

Irrespective of price fluctuations, there will always be a pivot and price will always rotate about its pivot. This EA is designed to search for daily trading opportunities ONLY WITHIN THE FIRST & SECOND PRICE LEVELS - below the Resistance Level 2 (R-2) and above the Support Level 2 (S-2).
Settings Descriptions 
  • Transience - This is the period for trade decision making in the specified time frame of the price chart. Entering a Zero (0) value means that the 'said' time-frame is not in use. Entering a value above zero means that the 'said' time frame is actively in use.
  • Candle Length - This is the length or height (in points) of the 'said' time frame candle most relevant for instant order trading. Value must be greater than zero.
  • Candle Length Ratio - Intra Day Pivot Trader makes use of two 'hourly pivot' MA for precise trading decisions. These two MA's pick their values from the minimum of four time frame's candle lengths (M5, M15, M30 & H1). Having found out the minimum, just a fraction (a ratio) of it is deployed for use.
  • fHourly Pivot MA - This is the value of hourly period chosen as the fast MA.
  • fPivot MA Method - This is the MA method of the fast MA.
  • fShift - This is the period shift of the fast MA.
  • sHourly_Pivot_MA - This is the value of hourly period chosen as the slow MA.
  • sPivot_MA_Method - This is the MA method of the slow MA.
  • sShift - This is the period shift of the slow MA.
  • Scalp Deviation - If the option to scalp is chosen (see scalp below), this value multiplies the spread value and so the trade closes immediately price moves beyond this level.
  • Profit Deviation - With Intra Day Pivot Trader, the Pivot price level just ahead of the current market price automatically becomes our Take Profit (TP). To exit our trade just before the TP, profit deviation multiplies the spread value and moves our TP closer.
  • Loss Deviation -Similar to the Take Profit is the Stop Loss (SL). An appropriate Pivot Level has automatically been chosen as our SL. To allow for adequate price fluctuation, loss deviation multiplies the spread value and moves our SL farther to a most suitable point on the price chart.

Each setting of this E.A. has four trade entry searches from which a buy or sell trade could be opened. The trader may choose to deploy just one or even all to his own trading advantages.

  • Trade Entry 1 - If trade entry 1 is set to zero (0), then the first trading strategy will not open any trade.
  • Trade Entry 2 - If trade entry 2 is set to zero (0), then the second trading strategy will not open any trade.
  • Trade Entry 3 - If trade entry 3 is set to zero (0), then the third trading strategy will not open any trade.
  • Trade Entry 4 - If trade entry 4 is set to zero (0), then the fourth trading strategy will not open any trade.
  • Max Trade Life Days - To prevent carrying trades for too long, each opened trade has a maximum trading life after which the trade must be closed (in profits or loss).
  • Scalp - If lot size and Scalp Lot sizes are both set to zero, this value determines the volume of lot used in scalping. It multiplies the value of the regular trading lot. A zero (0) value means the trader has chosen NOT to engage in scalping trades.
  • Lot Size - For small account sizes, enter the value of the regular lot to be used.
  • Scalp Lot Size - For small account sizes, enter the value of the scalping lot to be used. 

Zero (Lot size and scalp lot size) values mean the account size is large enough to be strategically managed.

  • Back Tested Spread - Set to zero while back-testing. To maintain constant spread values in a forward/live testing results, enter the back tested spread value here.
  • Trade Identity Number - If suitable for use, vary this number to trade more than one setting of same currency pair.
  • Start Up Funds - For large account sizes, enter the value of funds to be strategically traded here.
  • Traded Charts - Enter the total number of charts this E.A. is been used for.
  • Chart Risk - Enter the risk value here (in percents of the start up funds).
  • Back Tested DD - During the back test, set this value at zero. While forward/live testing, enter the value of the Draw Down here. The appropriate lot sizes for both the regular and scalping trades will be automatically calculated.


This E.A. will not give you 'a million' percent profits per day; please optimize. Default settings may suit the EURUSD pair.

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Version 7.716 2019.09.27
Internal Code Improvement. This New Version Help Reduce The Draw Down
Version 7.715 2019.09.20
There was a need to include a pre trade closure before the maximum trade life closure. This was necessary to help reduce draw down whilst in a live trade.
Version 7.714 2019.09.15
In this new update, we will be seeing a new feature of hedging. In Intra Day Pivot Trader, hedging is intended to help reduce the draw down to the barest so that the profit can be maximized.

There are four new settings which may not require optimization. This is because the idea behind Intra Day trading is to make profits that same day (or next). So trade entry and exit timing is very critical to success.

Counter Hedger:- Turn True if Hedging is desired.
Hedge Scale:- This value multiplies the regular trading lot in hope of profitability.
Counter Hedger Entry Time:- This is the time hour of entry for hedging trades.
Counter Hedger Range Time:- This value sets a maximum range of hours for which to search out for the hedging trade.
Version 7.712 2019.09.05
Extra Risk Input Settings.

In a situation whereby there are many charts opened and different symbols been traded; each setting should be configured to trade the chart symbol it was back-tested for.

So we added the input:

"Current Chart Symbol = EURUSD"
Version 7.71 2019.08.30
Review of the Settings Expiration Year, Month and Day. The settings works much better now.
Version 7.70 2019.07.10
Intra Day Pivot Trader is tailored to trade around the Pivot Point, Resistance level one, Resistance level two, Support level one and the Support level two price levels of the Daily Pivot Points. As the market is not constant, it is good to optimize the Expert Advisor from time to time. This means regularly changing the settings will continually produce steady results.

As such we have included an expiration input settings for the E.A. and as such no trades will be opened after the preset expiration Year, Month and Date.

Settings Expiration Year
Settings Expiration Month
Settings Expiration Day

Please note - the defaut values are set at zero (0) and as such trades goes on indefinitely. If appropriate values (greater than zero) are used, beyond such a set timing, no trades will be opened.
Version 7.44 2019.02.06
The new improved version of Intra Day Pivot Trading EA is fitted with a Multi-Currency trading strategy. A Multi-Currency trade is opened if at least one of its chosen symbols is moving in the same direction with the current chart symbol (and it's 'transience' value is set at above zero).

Also, a loss rebate trading strategy has been introduced. This strategy proves to be useful such that in the case of an inevitable loss (of a scalping trade), there is a compensation. This strategy runs independent of the scalping trade such that even when price temporarily goes against the current scalping move, there is a profiting move.

Advisably, these two Multi-Currency trading strategies may not be optimized at the initial time. It should prove most useful after the best of best of settings have been tested and found satisfactory. At this stage, these Multi-Currency specifics can then be deployed to yet improve trading performance.

Current settings favor the EURUSD currency pair.
Version 7.33 2019.01.02

This new version has been fully internally overhauled. As a result of this, some changes had to be made but only for the purposes of clarity. As before, there are still four strategies deployed, now each of these strategies have been named. Thus looking through the settings, it becomes easier to identify each strategy and match all associated variables to their respective strategies.

Unlike before, wherein each strategy is been traded by different but fixed time, this new version trades all strategies using a single timeframe which can be optimized.

Also, in this new version, each strategy has been bounded to enter trades only at specific time duration/interval within the day.

Back Tested Spread must be set at zero at the time of optimization/back testing. For live trades, enter the spread value of most suitable optimized settings.

For large accounts, enter appropriate values.
Version 7.22 2018.12.19
This new version has been redefined to be better stable.
There is however the crucial need to Re-optimize and adapt to specific trading environment.
Version 7.11 2018.12.12
This new version improves trade entry accuracy.
It helps to ensure that trades are entered an earlier time.
Please optimize as best as possible.