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Fast Scalper

This EA works when spike is coming back. Executes a pending order according to spike and executes it on reversal.

  • No standard indicators.
  • No grid trading.
  • No arbitrage.
  • No curve fitting according to back-test results
  • No Hedge  
  • Very low Stop Loss Ratio 

Can be started with $100 only, tested with 99.90% data Modelling quality.


  • Developed for M1, EURUSD
  • ECN Broker with 5 points


  • Spread: Need to be as low as possible.
  • Trailing Enable/Disable: Either true or false. It decides either Trailing stop should work or not. 
  • Trailing stop value: Pips that need to be allowed before hitting the trailing stop.
  • Money management by EA: EA will decide the lot size if this parameter is set to true.
  • Risk Level: % of an amount to risk, works with money management
  • Manual Fixed lot: Manual lot can be given to EA, for manual lot to work "Money management by EA" needs to be false if manual lots are required.
  • Max Lot size: Maximum size of the lot for trading
  • Magic buy: Unique identifier for buy order
  • Magic sell: Unique identifier for sell order
  • Take profit: Amount of pip's to take profit
  • Stop Loss: Amount of pip's to take loss
  • Trade Gap: On reversal, market comes back. It's the distance of market peak and pending order
  • Market jump before buy execution: Single candle jump in pips before buying
  • Market fall before sell execution: Single candle fall in pips before buying
  • Number of digits for lot: number of digit after a decimal point e.g for 0.01, there are two digits
  • Multiplier for second trade: For some trades there is another trade to cover the loss, that trade will be multiple of the first trade.



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Emrah Oz
Emrah Oz 2020.06.24 18:27   

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Version 1.2 2019.07.16
Trade Gap: parameter is added to adjust the gap between market peak/bottom and pending order
Version 1.1 2019.07.04
Allow to set maximum lot size.