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Grid stability plus semi automatic

The Grid stability plus semi automatic expert Advisor trades on the signals of the RSI indicator. Trades are made in different directions when the indicator reaches values of 30 or 70. If the indicator is greater than 70, the Short direction is selected for initial trades, and if the indicator is less than 30, the Long direction is selected. Profitable trades are closed by take profit. Unprofitable ones are processed by the expert Advisor using the averaging method, a network of transactions is built in the same direction, the breakeven level is calculated, and when the price reaches this level, the network is closed by take profit. The EA is based on the strategy and technology of the Greed Master Net PO 15 EA, but it is much more advanced, more accurate and mobile. It is easily optimized in the tester if the Inform parameter is disabled (false).

The expert Advisor has everything for analyzing the state.

There is also everything for parallel manual work (semi-automatic mode).

Starting settings:

  • MAGICB-magic number Long;
  • MAGICS is the magic number Short;

Section " trading Hours"

  • Hours_to_GMT_Offset - known GMT time offset clock from the broker's server.
  • Hours - if true, the EA trades from the hour set by the Begin_hour parameter (GMT) to the End_hour hour (GMT). If false, it trades constantly.

  • Begin_hour-start hour (we are talking about initial transactions);
  • End_hour - hour of the end (we are talking about initial transactions);

The section "Starting the installation and money management"

  • Deals - number of initial deals at once;
  • MaximumRisk - starting lot of the initial transactions. The set lot of initial transactions depends on the balance of funds on the Deposit;
  • LotStop-lot limiter in the range from MinLot for the selected account to MaxLot. Limits the growth of the lot of initial transactions of the network, which occurs depending on the Deposit and the value of the MaximumRisk parameter. After reaching the LotStop value, the network's initial trades will save this lot value.
  • LotForManual – initial lot value for trades that will be set manually. This parameter can be changed using special buttons in the window of the expert Advisor tool.
  • DecreaseFactor-parameter for reducing the lot of initial deals;
  • TP-take profit in points from the open price or breakeven level;
  • CoefLot-the coefficient of increasing the lot when increasing the knees in the averaging network. All modes are set by selecting parameters and optimizing them for specific requirements and deposits;
  • RSI-period of the RSI indicator. If the indicator is greater than 70, the direction Short is selected, if less than 30, - Long;
  • Step-step in points between the knees of the averaging network;
  • OnOffUnLine-if true, the mode of uneven increment of the averaging network step is enabled.
  • Ulcoef-step increment coefficient of the averaging network;

Modes forced choice of the direction

  • SELL - if true, the SELL direction is allowed;
  • BUY - if true, the BUY direction is allowed;

Restriction parameters

  • LotMax-limit of the maximum lot that the adviser can use in the process of building networks.
  • OnOffLock-if true, Margin Level restriction mode is enabled. If the Margin Level falls below the LockLevel value during the adviser's operation, the adviser calculates the total lots by direction. Calculates the difference up to lot parity and sets the deal in the direction of the smaller total lot with a lot equal to the difference, thereby setting the state of lot parity, the so-called locking. That is, the loss of one direction is balanced by the profit of the other. The expert Advisor stops any actions, leaving the trader to handle this possibly dangerous situation himself;
  • LockLevel-limit level for the Margin Level value;
  • BW-color correction for the black&white window mode.
  • DelObj – if true, when deleting the adviser in the window, all objects of the adviser are deleted.
  • TrailingStop and TrailingStep-trailingator parameters.

The Grid stability plus semi automatic expert Advisor can be set to different modes with these parameters in accordance with the trader's wishes. The default parameters are set to EURUSD H1 and are considered medium-aggressive.
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