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News trend follower

EA works with none of the technical indicators. Just need to set the time of news and it will execute a trade in the direction of the news. Leave it on for daily news and back-test accordingly.

Logic: It executes pending orders both buy/sell before news. With news, market moves in one direction and execute one pending order. Trailing stop helps to maximise the profit.

Hidden trailing stops are available in this EA to hide your exit level from broker

  • No standard indicators.
  • No grid trading.
  • No arbitrage.
  • No curve fitting according to back-test results
  • No Hedge  
  • Very low Stop Loss Ratio 

Tested with 99.90% data Modelling quality.

Can work with even $50 USD


  • Developed for M1, EURUSD
  • ECN Broker with 5 points


  • Spread: Need to be as low as possible.
  • Trailing stop: trailing stop usage option
  • Trailing stop: Pips to allow trailing stop
  • Trailing start: Trailing stop start after these pips
  • Chart based Hidden trailing stop: will send no information to broker and hidden trailing stop will work
  • Hidden trailing stop: Pips to allow for hidden trailing stop
  • Money management by EA: EA will decide the lot size if this parameter is set to true.
  • Risk Level: % of an amount to risk, works with money management
  • Manual lot: Manual lot can be given to EA, for manual lot to work "Money management by EA" needs to be false if manual lots are required.
  • Max Lot size: Restrict the EA to go beyond this lot size
  • Magic number buy: Unique identifier for buy order
  • Magic number sell: Unique identifier for sell order
  • Take profit: Amount of pip's to take profit
  • Stop Loss: Amount of pip's to take loss
  • Start buy: EA can be restricted to execute buy or not
  • Start sell: EA can be restricted to execute sell or not
  • Trade entry time, Hour: Entry time of the pending order in hour, just before the news and order should be placed
  • Trade entry time, Min: Entry time of the pending order in min
  • Trade entry time, Sec : Entry time of the pending order
  • News Time Hour: Exact time of the news in hour
  • News Time Mins: Exact time of the news in minutes
  • Number of digits for lot: number of digit after a decimal point e.g for 0.01, there are two digits
  • Delete pending orders: Delete non executed orders



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