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MayaTradeManager is a pure & 100% manual trade orders management.

MayaTradeManager doesn't have any indicators or signals to be used together since all trades are done by the user only.

MayaTradeManager is an good tool usually for whoever that has a signal at the user disposal but don't have the one-stop-center to manage their trades conveniently.

MayaTradeManager brings all of the trades management into one simple panel in a very convenient way.

Just a quick note

Lot size box is an editable box. Single click at it and input your wanted lot size and press enter.

MayaTradeManager will remember your inputs and will use it when you open trade later.

Click on SELL or BUY to start your trading. Make sure AutoTrading is enabled before using MayaTradeManager else you will not be able to do any trade management.

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