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Stairs to Heaven

This robot is trying to build stairs at the most important support and resistance levels.

Entering a trade is less than half way of work, knowing when exit the trade is more important, the EA use more then 20 various ways of exiting trades.

When entering a trade, the robot tries to maximize the profit from the movement by its very smart algorithm.

The risk in the very short scalping trades is the slippage, so in order to avoid that, the EA uses also very smart algorithm that can avoid 80% of big slippages and also when slippage occurred, it knows how to manage it.

The EA in average will have around 45-55% winning trades, but the winning trades will be at least 2.5-4 times more than the losing trades, so no worries if you will suffer from few some losses in a row, one big win will recover all and more.

Recommended working currency pairs and timeframes: EURUSD M30, soon additional currencies will be added.


  • Magic - EA's unique magic number.
  • StopLoss - stop loss of each trade (it will act sometimes interdependently depending on the market condition), higher stop loss means lower lots.
  • TakeProfit - take profit target.
  • BreakEven_After - profit value to move Stop Loss to BreakEven To in points.
  • BreakEven_To - profit protected by breakeven.
  • MaxSpread - maximum average spread to open new positions or to cancel existing positions.
  • MaxSlippage - maximum slippage to manage.
  • MoneyManagement - if TRUE, lot is based on the StopLoss value.
  • Risk - percent of risk to calculate the lot for risk per trade and margin percent use.
  • MinLots - minimum lot amount.
  • MaxLots - maximum lot amount.
  • ManualLotsize - if MoneyManagement set to FALSE, the lot value will be taken from here.
  • Friday_Hour_Stop - close all trades at Friday hour.
  • Friday_Minute_Stop - close all trades at Friday minute.


  1. Before using on big live account, please test the EA with minimal risk.
  2. Use VPS with minimal network latency to the broker's server.
  3. Low spreads (0.5 pip and below) + low commission ($5 round-turn and below) + high quality execution = big profits.
  4. Please do not trade more then 9.99 lots per one trade (due to brokers' liquidity problems).
masa_fx 2018.04.07 17:44 


a1234678910 2017.11.04 01:51 

only works in backtest.

in real account it has many loss

i lose 20% of my balance in one month

Spaceventure 2017.10.31 17:16 

Only Losses so far... been weeks and still loss after loss..

Wei Zhuan Tan
Wei Zhuan Tan 2017.10.31 02:22 

Don't buy, this is just a rubbish! Keep loss money without profit!!!

Francisco Reyes
Francisco Reyes 2017.10.30 22:13 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

koehlsen 2017.10.28 11:23 

good results in tests, but doesn´t really work at live-account. much lost trades and just very small profit trades.

hope for an update, but at this stage i feel rigged...

Hellwian 2017.10.27 22:14 

I've been using the EA for almost a month. There were about 20 trades and over 50 percent of the trades were positive. Overall, I made 16 pips profit. The currency EURUSD is recommended. The seller is friendly an helpful.

Update 27.10:

In the past three weeks, I have had only losses. The profit is as good as gone.

I'm waiting for an update and better results.

Please note the signals.

WaitPatiently 2017.10.14 12:12   

Hallo Hellwian,

Ich habe den Scalper ebenfalls gekauft und teste ihn derzeit mit meinem LiveAccount (ICMarkets-Live01 mit mql5-VPS).

Der Tester gibt mir gute Ergebnisse, allerdings stimmen diese nicht mit dem LiveAccount überein. Der LiveAccount gibt wesentlich schlechtere Ergebnisse im Vergleich zum Tester, auch im direkten Vergleich der einzelnen Trades der letzten Woche. Der Tester geht stets bis zum letzten Trade, ich kann also direkte Trade-Vergleiche durchführen. Ich habe 4 Hauptwährungspaare parallel 'in Betrieb'.

Was mir auffällt ist die extrem kurze Haltedauer von 3 Sekunden bis maximal 13 Sekunden!!!

Welchen Broker benutzen Sie?

Können Sie sich Ursachen für die schlechte Live Performance denken?

Herzliche Grüße

jeremtay03 2017.09.25 16:57 

I just started with this EA and seem very very promising the seller always here to help me and answer my questions !

I will update this review after 1 month ! If I don't update this review its because the EA is GREAT and no time to update this !! :D

Version 2.0 2017.09.18
Increasing entries accuracy.