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Daily Range

The indicator highlights the affected period taking the highest and the lowest prices into account. It is possible to choose any time period from 1 hour to 24 hours. It also optionally shows the target levels when trading at the breakout of the range in any direction. The target level value is given in percentages of the width of the previous range. The indicator is the improvement and extension of the free version.

It works on timeframes from M1 to H1. It warns at the higher timeframes.


  • Length in history - history depth to display ranges
  • Period Color - color of the rectangle that highlights the range
  • Start time of the range - range start
  • End time of the range - range end
  • Use target levels - display of the target levels
    • true - enabled
    • false - disabled
  • Target Color - target level line color
  • Width of the Target Line - target level line thickness
  • Target Level - target level in percents of the width of the initial range
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