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Prise Reversal mt5

You can download the demo version of the indicator, which does not display data on last 25 bars but is perfect for testing.

The oscillator uses data of standard indicators and some patterns of price movement. Using this data, it forms its own (more accurate) signals of a change in the direction of the price movement. Prise Reversal helps to identify reversal points during the flat, and the price extremums during the trend. At these points, you can enter counter trend with a short take profit. Besides, it indicates time intervals when it is too late to open a trend-following deal. After a few days of using the indicator, it will become an integral part of your trading system.

Indicator Input Parameters:

  • Period – period of the indicator. Default-14.

To get correct entry points we recommend the following:

  1. Adjust parameters for each traded pair and timeframe;
  2. First, get a signal on a higher timeframe (for example, H1), then wait for a similar signal on a lower timeframe (for example, M15).
  3. Use values of indicator only more 77-80 and less 23-20.
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