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Prise Reversal

This oscillator takes into account the data from a number of standard indicators. Using this data, it forms its own (more accurate) signals. Prise Reversal helps to identify reversal points during the flat and the price extremums during the trend. At these points, you can enter a counter-trend with a short take profit. Besides, they indicate the time intervals when you cannot open a trend-following deal. After a few days of using the indicator, it will become an integral part of your trading system.

8601567 2019.04.04 18:57 

This person does not answer his messages. I have asked a question with no response. I have complained about the two different indicators with the same name, but spelled differently. You say WHAT? Yes, He sells two indicators with the same name, but if you are too quick to pull the trigger you will not notice price reversal vs. prise reversal. Not cool. . Be careful. I purchased the wrong one the first time. The people ay MQL5 are dumb as a box of rocks. They will not refund me! I complained within 48 hours and asked for a refund on the wrong indicator. They just close the ticket. On the other hand, I will say I cannot complain too loudly because Alexey does not charge large ludicrous amounts of money (like some of the marketing crooks on this platform. So I am grateful for that. His indicators have merit and they are designed with trading in mind and not marketing. Thank you Alexey

Version 1.20 2015.06.15
1. Added ability to select a period.
2. Now you can find a demo version of the indicator in the Market (it does not display values on last 25 bars).