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Hi, I have been looking for a broker who offers the MT5 platform BUT also offers more than FX trading. All the brokers I have looked at only offer FX trading, there isn't any Commodities, stock marker indices or equites available to trade? I prefer the MT5 platform and EA's but obviously I...
The MetaTrader 5 trading platform has expanded its global presence and is now available on the Brazilian market. The largest independent Broker in Brazil XP Investimentos has officially launched MetaTrader 5. This means that more than 80,000 customers of the company can now trade in the...
hi; in stock market we can recognize the chart with : " SymbolInfoString(_Symbol,SYMBOL_ISIN) " if we have SYMBOL_ISIN for one of them and want to add it to market watch so, we must select it by : SymbolSelect(name,true); but for stock market how can select from : SYMBOL_ISIN function ?
Is anyone know, how many country national stock exchange use MT5. 
Hello there!, Could please someone give some clue (all tips are welcome!) about how to find a good demo MetaTrader server intended to trade the stock market? I would be specially interested in trading American, European and Spanish shares. Thanks in advance.
I downloaded and installed Metatrader 5. I really like what I see, but I want to use it for trading stocks and options on the North American stock exchanges. Are there existing providers that could supply me with real time and historical transactional data on these stock markets?
Please i want to inquire if anybody know's any broker that offers Nigerian stocks in its trading platform. Thank you
Can I get access to NYSE and NASDAQ stock market through any broker of MetaTrader4 or with the help of any API(who can make bridge between MetaTrader4 and NYSE and NASDAQ stock markets). Please consider.
I would like to use MT for stock analyzing but I don't have a broker with my stocks data feeds. I am willing to convert my available stock data to MT data feed format. Any documentations or instructions regarding how to create a custom data feeds for MT will be very appreciated!
Hi, I am actually using MetaTrader 4 for forex trading. But I have so many demo accounts that I can't keep track. I want to use it for stock trading. I don't want to physically trade, I just want to receive the closing prices every day, check the graphs, and code my own systems using MQL4. I...
I've been using MetaTrader 4 now for several months with4 different brokers for forex trading and EA development. I was wondering if there's a way for me to program an api to use Yahoo data for end of day U.S. STock market analysis? Can anyone tell me if this is possible and how I can do that....