Open ended futures, CFD's without agreed closes, on crypto. And where is dogecoin traded?

David Radisich
David Radisich  

I'm new here so please go easy on me. And sorry for the volume of words in my SOS

I've only ever trade with open ended buy and sell BTC derivatives, though I believe many like to refer to them as CFD's but my memory from economics, I would have thought them futures, with as many positions open as I can afford to keep. I have been doing it with BTC USD and have made 200k in 6 weeks, so I do not wish to deviate from this type of trading at all, because at the moment I do not have enough knowledge for other types of trades and when I'm making a killing doing something one way, why deviate? I have obsessive levels of focus and concentration and I literal watch the chart with the animal's movements, which are constantly volatile with btc and I have become very successful doing high volumes of trade, I had almost 3,000 trades to reach 200k staring with 45k. p:l ration of approx 6:1. So I keep very busy, fortunately I'm capable of calculating multiple strategies in my head at once, trying to tie them together where appropriate. The most I had open was 36ish maxing my margin so I get margin calls from time to time. Sometimes with as many as 30+ BTC volumes, which occurred when I could get favourable liquidity incentives. But if they were not open ended 24hrs 365 days my method is kaput. The UK's FCA has put a stop on my trading this way, so I've been looking to find a platform outside US,UK and Australian regulator's jurisdiction. This has frustrated me beyond explanation and i took few chances on companies which I considered dubious but worth a throw of the dice, and they've all taken the money I used to test them out and f~cked off back to their lairs:-). There are a lot of dodgy bastards out there and I am having trouble finding somewhere I can do this, and I heard about MT5 which lead me here, so go easy on me. I was a stockbroker 20 years ago but things have changed A LOT and I'm flying solo.

 Open looking to buy a handful of dogecoin to speculate. Anyone know where its is traded. I'm yet to find one, though I've been looking for about 45min.

Thx and sorry for the length, which I'm only adding to right now...