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Hi is anyone trading on the ASX and would they have a reliable new source that i could follow?
please help me masters, how to moving live data or real time data MT5 to Excel. I start try search from DDE to  import web data from excel , but can not . maybe from traders can help 
Have you tried trading Silver if ever you are planning, here's silver price in New York. 1 Ounce = 23.64 CAD 2 Ounce = 47.29 CAD 5 Ounce = 118.22 CAD 10 Ounce = 236.43 CAD 20 Ounce = 472.86 CAD 25 Ounce = 591.08 CAD 50 Ounce = 1182.15 CAD 100 Ounce = 2364.3 CAD 1000 Ounce = 23643 CAD Source: Silver...
There have been a lot of events happened during and after the first round of French election, one of these is what happened with US stocks, according to the US  Stocks News, it became lower. What will be the next event after this one? If there are things to happen in the future what will be the step...
Hello, I currently read about companies developing CQG and Interactive Brokers bridges for MT5. And this is great news, something that I have actually been waiting for a long time. But besides the announcement I still found no broker  offering access to the CME and COMEX via MT5? Does...
Facebook at Gann confluence percentages & important seasonality dates, May 2017 will be 5 years since traded in stock market forecast to sell Facebook at these confluence levels if price hold the 100% ( the higher level). important date is 28 April and may 11 to 18 Happy Trading
Hello everybody, I am new to MT5 and would like to ask regarding CME futures markets and main trading hours.  How can I set in the chart to see only the main trading hours for the standard contract like e-mini S&P500? I want to utilize some EMA crossover but EMA should be drawn using only main...
hello i reached in this poind which only way success is money managment i hope grow up an account from 10$ untill 100$ with money management and when i reach to it again grow it untill 1000$ regards
I was wondering does metatrader 5 support stocks? not cfd stocks.   If so, which brokers supply stocks? 
Hello. I'm having trouble with the new order window. I cant select symbol and type as well as the volume. I also cant select sell or buy. Here's an attached photo of the window. NB: I just opened a demo account.
Divide your Risk Capital in 10 Equal Parts.Trade ONLY in active & high Volume Stocks/ Futures. Come Prepared with a Trading Plan Never Over Trade Trade in 2 to 4 Stocks at a time with strict Stop Loss. Sell Short as often as you go Long. Don't Trade if you are not Clear Don't expect Profit...
was searching for the Emini S&P with the symbol ES or /ES and it wasn't bringing it up.  can you even trade the mini on this platform?
Hello guys, i would like to know, if there is a good cfd and forex broker, which as well offers binary options trading. For example ig markets stopped offering binary option from the beginning of this year and cmc still offering BOs. Are there any other brokers? Thank you in advance. 
Hi! First time poster here!  I have a question regarding Binary options trading. I want to test a strategy using EMAs but I am not a code writer and have no idea about how to do it! Basically what I want to do is try a trend following strategy using 3 EMAs but I want to avoid flat and ranging...
There are a lot of News and technical analysis sites to use out there. I want to hear from you what you think is the best sites and providers of Financial analysis and forex news.
Hi. My provider, ig,  currently only offers currencies in mt4. How can I get stock quotes in mt4 from another provider? Any one to recommend?
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Hi, Do you know any good brokers to trade options? Not crap binary options, I mean real options (which can be priced by greeks / black and scholes) Thanks,
How can I know if on metatrader 5 I'm buying a real stock or just a CFD? Is buying real stock even possible through this platform? Thanks. 
as above....many thanks for your informaiton.....................
hello,   i'am with ampfuture broker demo, as me, do you have this same problem about bid ask where bid represent almost 90% of volume on 1min chart ??? who is not the same orderflow on other platform with same data CQG really strange, i try to force to have a contact with ampfuture, almost no...
  LME product (9)
Hello,Is their any broker who provide LME product to trade on mt5. Lead,zinc,aluminium, copper,nickel...
  Options? (4)
im not sure if this is the right place to ask but i'll give it a try. i want to start trading binary options <removed two questions: 1) should i get in to this world? <removed
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Hi, anyone knows how to buy Dax future real-time data ? Thanks!!! 
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Hi, Are there brokers allow trading both FX and stocks for the US markets? thanks in advance!
Hello every one, is there any broker can provide wide range of instrumentsstokes, forex, futures,…etc on the Metatrader platform, otherwise can we connect Metatrader platform to different broker servers. Can anyone tell me if this is possible and how I can do that. Thanks inadvance.
In this topic I will show you why Egyptian EGX30 have a strong resistance around 8730. So lets begin with Monthly Seasonality Pattern which say that EGX30 on average make a peak at September then fall trough October then a trough at November then begin an upside move in December.   So October...
Hi all,    In my search for option stragy builders i came across this link HERE but i just cant find in my MT5 platform this option. I cant find in builds news any update disabling this functionality. So... How can i use the Option Strategy Builder in MT5 ?? Thank you guys
HI, does MT4 get volume data for stocks? and do, so i was thinking MT4 must offer it too? Thanks, Myles
Just trade with small moneyNo ideaBecome expert trader first , but i still lear moreAlready well prepared for thats. fineAny comment