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Correction Entry

Correction Entry is based on the Price Action system. 


By analyzing the current trend, price levels such as support and resistance are identified.

To use this indicator, first wait for the buy or sell signal.

After receiving the signal, we must have a strong extension in the direction of the signal. And in the opposite direction of the signal, the corrections are weak.

For example, if the indicator shows the buy signal, we must have a strong extension to buy and a weak pole to sell.

After receiving the signal, it is better to look at the trend at a higher time frame.

Entry point:

The best place to enter is after the last price attempt to start moving or stop area.( Shown in the figure.)

Stop Loss:

Behind the lowest price in current correction. ( Shown in the figure.)

Take profit:

TP1: last High or Low.

TP2: The major move. ( Shown in the figure.)


Good support and resistance are generated where the signal is received.

the basis of this method is based on the Lans Begs method.

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