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Professional Arrows

This indicator show you the begin of the Trend by drawing (Up/Down) arrow.

It works using compatibility of current fame and the next 3 frames to make it more professional and more profitable.


  • Simply it gives you entry point as arrow (Buy / Sell) after candle closed.
  • You can use it on time frames ( M1 , M5 , M15 , M30 ) are more profitable.
  • You can use it on any currencies pair.
  • It is historical indicator.
  • No Repaint.
  • No additional indicator needed.
  • Easy to use.

Indicator parameters:-

  • location from H/L candle in points: you can adjust the place of arrow in points.
  • Arrow width: Type the width of Arrow.
  • Arrow Up Color: Choose The Color of Up Arrow.
  • Arrow Down Color: Choose The Color of Down Arrow.
  • Historical Bars: Number of history bars on chart for the indicator calculation.

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