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  • Supports the creation of Monthly, Weekly, Daily, 4 Hours, 1 Hours and 30 Minutes Market Profile.
  • Daily Profile can have custom start time.
  • Merge and Split of Market Profile
  • Market Profile References Point can be exported to CSV format for any further analysis.

Indicator Parameters

  • Indicator Update Interval - Choose indicator calculation period from 250 milliseconds to 2.5 seconds
  • Indicator Setting ID - An ID for this particular indicator setting.
  • Profile Number - The Number of Market Profiles to display.
  • Profile Type - The type of Profile ( Daily, Weekly, Montly ).
  • Data Period - Data timeframe used to generate the market profile.
  • Day Start Time - Start time for Daily Profile.
  • Row Size in Pips - Price steps for TPO calculation.
  • IB Numbar - Number of Bars for Initial Balance calculation.
  • Mode Histogram - Whether to use Histogram Profile or TPO Profile.
  • Hide Chart - Whether to hide the bar/candle chart or display it.
  • TPO Font Name - Font Name for displaying TPOs.
  • Color Scheme - Choose predefined color scheme or User Defined.
  • TPO Color - User Defined TPO Color.
  • Histogram Color - User Defined Histogram Color.
  • Value Area Color - User Defined Value Area Color.
  • POC Color - User Defined POC Color.
  • Initial Balance Color - User Defined for Initial Balance Color.
  • Enable Data Export to Global Variables - Whether to enable data export to Global Variables.
  • Global Variables Prefix - Set the Global Variables Prefix.
  • Profile Data to Export - Whether to export data (to Global Variables) of current developed profile or the last EOD profile.
beto_gauer 2019.01.11 01:47 

When you add the Rotation Factor (RF), TPO color coding based on trading session, TPO count across the POC, and the ability to choose the size of value area (for example 25%), add the tick volume profile, be able to display TPO POC or volume profile POC, color value area based on volume profile, then I give the extra stars! Thanks

vghanem 2018.04.08 22:12 

Great indicator.Ahmad is a genius. Greatest value for your money. So why not 5 stars? 1. It would be great if the Chart Panel also included rotational factor to help traders conluence the overal market strenght and direction. 2. If TPOS were color coded to reflect The major trading sessions within the daily profile that would be great. Dear trusted coder we would be happy to see this changes soon in the next version.

hperalta 2018.01.31 18:27 

Excellent. just a small problem with the colors. i define the color of IB is Red and it stays blue or grey. nothing serious. perfect for for trading.

FXING 2016.06.19 14:18 

Essential. A must have.

drammen 2015.08.15 16:29   

Excellent TPO indicator. Does what it is supposed to do and even more! I have tried other indicators and they cant match with this one. Its not close to CPU intensive compared to others out there. Author was fast at responding and answered every questions I had in mind :) Worth every bucks, ill tell you that much !

Versão 2.14 2016.10.17
Fix: Duplicate objects like a panel and profile when you start MT4.
Versão 2.13 2014.09.23
- Added feature to allow the indicator to store profile data in MT4 Global Variables.
- Fixed some bugs found by users.
Versão 2.12 2014.09.08
Fixed: Weekly/Monthly Profile didn't show up.
Versão 2.11 2014.07.23
Fix some bugs.
Versão 2.10 2014.07.21
Added features:
- User Friendly Panel
- Merged Profile
- Split Profile
- Histogram Mode