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Bazava is a fully automated trading system on NZDUSD M5. It uses a proprietary price action strategy to identify only the safest entry points.
Trading occurs mostly during periods of the calm market as the EA combines price action with volatility filtering to guide you on the right side of the market.

You can limit max. position holding time using the TradeDuration parameter. See screenshots


  • Stable growth curve as a result of a high percentage of winning trades
  • Stress-tested on all available history
  • Not sensitive to spread, commission, or account type
  • Automatic adjustment to the 4 and 5 digit quotes
  • Automatic GMT adjustment
  • The minimum deposit is 50 USD
  • System is FIFO compliant
  • Easy setup and use

No martingale, grid or hedging is used. 1 signal = 1 trade.

Timeframe: M5
Currency pair: NZDUSD

The EA only trades once a day, and if there is an open position, then other signals will be ignored. So the first trade may differ if the EA is installed at different times on different accounts.

For example, if you run the EA at a time when my signal has an open trade, then on your account the robot may open a different trade that will not be opened on my signal account, because the EA already traded there today.

If you want the first trade to be the same as on my signal account, I recommend installing the EA after 18h GMT provided that there is no open position on my signal account.

Live signal: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/608712

Input Parameters

  • StartLotSize - proportional lot size if EnableAutoLot is set to true and fixed lot size in case EnableAutoLot is set to false
  • EnableAutoLot - trading lot will increase with an increase in your account's balance
  • FundsForAutoLot - here you can set the amount of balance to be used for every StartLotSize if EnableAutoLot is set to true. E.g.FundsForAutoLot=1000 and StartLotSize=0.05 means that for every $1000 there will be 0.05 lots opened (0.5 for $10000 and so on)
  • MaxLotSize - set the maximum allowed lot size if you don't want the lot size ever to exceed this value
  • EquityStopLoss% - the EA will close all open positions when account equity falls to the specified percentage of the account balance
  • MaxNumberOpenPosition - if the maximum number of open positions exceeds this value, then the EA will not open a new trade. This option works as a filter. Set it to 0 if you want disable this feature.
  • SpreadFilterPips - if the spread is bigger than the value specified here, the trade won't be opened
  • MaxSlippagePips - works only for Instant live accounts (not ECN). Set here what maximum slippage you can take on your Instant account
  • GMT/DST_Offset_Auto - if true, the EA will try to find the correct GMT offset of your broker automatically. You must allow requests to https://time.is/en/GMT and https://www.worldtimeserver.com (Tools -> Options -> Expert Advisors -> Allow WebRequests for listed URL).
  • GMT_Offset(winter)_Manual - set your broker's time zone (in winter)
  • DaylightSavingTime_Manual - if your broker uses daylight saving time, set this to true and EA will automatically adjust itself
  • EnableTrendFilter - set to true if you want to avoid risky trades during periods of trending markets
  • OrderTakeProfitPips - the size of Take Profit in pips (1 pip = 10 points)
  • OrderStopLossPips - the size of Stop Loss in pips (1 pip = 10 points)
  • EnableTradeDuration - set to true if you want to limit position holding time
  • TradeDuration - set the maximum position holding time, in bars
  • BasicMagicNumber - add Magic number to trace trades you made with this EA. It must be less than 99999!
  • TradeComment - add any comments to your trades
Remember! Past performance is no guarantee of future profitability due to the Non-Stationary nature of the market


  • It is recommended to use default values for all parameters (except GMT offset if your broker uses different time zone) if you don't know exactly what are you doing. Test any changes thoroughly before running EA on a live account.
  • Note that SpreadFilterPips and MaxSlippagePips parameters are execution dependent and might lead the system to skip trades that were seen on tests.


  • Not required to activate 'Allow DLL Imports'

Try the demo now!

    PeterSwaby 2019.11.19 08:24 

    This is a very good expert adviser. I have run a ten year back test with it and the results are impressive.

    jimstrading 2019.10.22 04:20 

    Before I purchased this EA I backtested it extensively with 99.9% data. It tested well on NZD/USD.

    After purchase on Oct 3, I forward tested it for 2 weeks and the EA traded as I expected it should. There were 5 winning trades, and one of the trades had a 5 or 6 day drawdown of about 100 pips.

    Yesterday, Oct 21, I started to trade it live.

    I'm giving it 5 stars because so far, it is trading as described by Sheldon. (Vsevolod)

    Take the time to read everything carefully, and to test it thoroughly, so you understand how this EA works. At some point it will hit a large loss, but if you keep the risk low to moderate it should recover and make a reasonable profit each year.

    Nov 1 2019, 7 successful live trades.

    ak77ty 2019.10.11 18:30 



    Doszhan Mengaliyev
    Doszhan Mengaliyev 2019.10.11 17:31 

    С первого же дня поставил на реал. Торгует в плюс. Есть одна очень хорошая черта этого советника и одна очень плохая черта. Начну с хорошей. Этот советник можно поставить как дополнительный совместно с любым другим, так как он не использует мартышкину стратегию. Плохо то, что у нее крайне большой стоп лосс. Это даже не стоп, а так, для галочки. Чтобы был. Если его уменьшить, то советник перестает работать. Вот такие вот дела. В неделю стабильно будет зарабатывать 20-40 баксов, при 0,1 лоте, но если откроется неудачно, то минус на все 500 баксов со всеми вытекающими свопами. Несмотря на это, мой отзыв положительный. Но 5 звезд в таком состоянии он не заслуживает. В бектестах все отлично, но в реальности крайне сложно смотреть, как он 90% времени сидит в глубокой просадке

    Michail Manelidis
    Michail Manelidis 2019.10.09 12:21 

    One of the Best EAs in the market.

    peronpmt4 2019.10.03 20:01 

    Stay away from this author. The EA is ridiculous without any position management, buys and hopes that the market goes in its favor. Huge stop loss and ridiculous gain. It really makes you laugh.

    Aslan Khuzmiev
    Aslan Khuzmiev 2019.10.02 21:18 

    Поздравляю автора с хорошей работой!

    Tyy96913 2019.09.30 05:00 

    6 th still open

    5th 124

    4th trading day, second order closed in 140 profit

    i will keep update

    Third trade with this ea 150 profit

    codeswarm 2019.09.29 06:49 

    Хороший советник. Протестировал на ECN счете. Автор на связи и постоянно работает над улучшением продукта. Сделал значительную скидку на его покупку. На рынке от просадок не застрахован никто. Готовы мириться с потерями и не хотите cидеть в просадке - уменьшайте SL на размер дневной волатильности пары. У советника высокий коэффициент Шарпа: 6.89, посмотрите статистику других хороших сигналов и убедитесь сами. Автору желаю успехов, здоровья и сделать лучший продукт на рынке!

    Good adviser. Tested on an ECN account. The author is in touch and is constantly working on improving the product. Made a significant discount on his purchase. No one is safe from drawdowns in the market. Ready to put up with losses and do not want to sit in the drawdown - reduce SL by the size of the daily volatility of the pair. The EA has a high Sharpe ratio: 6.89, look at the statistics of other good signals and see for yourself. I wish the author success, good health and the best product on the market!

    Vashim Mazhar
    Vashim Mazhar 2019.09.28 14:33 

    Beware, people, these all are manipulated reviews... Very Risky EA, No Stoploss at all makes it worst, blown all profit at one day. Try at your risk as there is no stop loss and you will blow your account like me. And please you must put your review here so that others won't be the victim like me and you of this manipulated review product. Shame...

    kpf k
    kpf k 2019.09.27 12:14 


    Archer 2019.09.23 15:21 

    Хороший советник, рекомендую к покупке, автору успехов в реализации своих идей.

    Vasilii Dedlovskikh
    Vasilii Dedlovskikh 2019.09.20 02:18 

    Робот очень интересный, особенно с учётом реальных результатов на сигнале Bazava от этого же автора. Погонял робота в тестере, тоже всё отлично. Купил робота, сегодня запущу на своём счете, как появятся результаты на моём счете - отпишусь тут повторно.

    Versión 1.27 2019.11.20
    Optional update

    - Fixed information panel bug.
    Versión 1.24 2019.10.15
    - Added a new parameter: EquityStopLoss% - the EA will close all open positions when account equity falls to the specified percentage of the account balance.
    - Added a new parameter: MaxNumberOpenPosition - if the maximum number of open positions exceeds this value, then the EA will not open the initial order.
    - Added display of arrows and lines when trades open and close.
    - Fixed bugs.
    Versión 1.21 2019.09.28
    Added new option Trade Duration;
    Fixed bugs.
    Versión 1.19 2019.09.24
    - Added AutoGMT option.
    - Trade comment bug fixed.
    Versión 1.18 2019.09.22
    Fixed bugs
    Versión 1.16 2019.09.17
    Added a simple Info Panel