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Nice Forex Pro

This Expert Advisor is based purely on Price Action.

This system does not use indicators, martingales or hedge management. It is based only on price action and is not stuffed with a lot of filters.

The EA does not need any kind of hard setup and is ready to work with multiple symbols and H4 timeframes.

The EA work and backtest results are available for the period January 15, 2010 up to present.


Used for 5-digit MetaTrader 4.

Great results for 2 pairs (EURUSD H4, GBPUSD H4).

It is also recommended that you run on symbols and H4 timeframe at the same time. This way, you will have a more sustained positive evolution.

The minimum recommended size of the order is 0.1 lots for every $5,000 of the capital assuming medium-high risk.


How to Improve Performance?

Follow your money. Then do the following:

  • $3 000 lot 0.05
  • $5 000 lot 0.1
  • $10 000 lot 0.5
  • $30 000 lot 0.5
  • $50 000 lot 1.0 

If you have a small account - $500 lot 0.01.

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