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Trend Scalp Pro

Trend Scalp Pro



25% DISCOUNT JUST WOR 1 WEEK -  168$ Reduced to 128$

Live Monitoring: 🚀🤑



This Is a a full feature pro version - You can enjoy free version HERE

⚡ Many traders don't trust robots... they Just use technical analysis and make manual orders.

So what happens if this technical analysis and use trend line to make the best decision and work AUTOMATIC ?? 🤑 🤑 Yes. We do that...

 Trend Scalp Pro is achieved from 10 years of experience and research on thousands of strategies, By combining them to make Real Smart Robot.

 "TSP" is an EA that uses the Zigzag indicator and Super Trend Line to find out the sensitivity situation of the market prices.

at changing each tick price, with the utmost precision and speed, the robot gives these Key points of the market in a fraction of a second.

And with these points, we have two valuable pieces of information. The lowest and highest point for drawing the Trend line and support and resistance.

This Trend Line comes from H4 timeframe and drawing in H1 timeframe and changes and updates automatically.

Now with touching trend line EA make an action. 


1. Safe method: (Safe , Low risk and low profit )

Safe method. trade with auto trend line, and take confirmation with inside trend detection ind to take buy or sell. Low risk and low profit

2. Normal method: (More profit, still stable)

It is the default strategy on TSP . in this method EA calculation 3 price level of market. TOP level as a resistance, middle as a Market Gravity, and Low level as a Support.

with crossing the market gravity, EA take action to open position and filtering with stochastic oscillator to avoid sell order near the support and buy order near the resistance

3. Turbo method: (More profit than Normal)

This Strategy, is like to normal method but trade more than the normal method (Turbo)

4. Aggressive method  (High Risk) ⚠️

Aggressive method is similar to HFT. you have a lot of position that manage with OUR recovery system to make profit.

what is recovery system? This is The main power of our products, our martingale strategy, Smart algorithm to detect the best point for new martingale position to make more profit without losing our margin.

New martingale near the SP/RS, calculating market movement speed, candle size and stop martingale in big movement and fundamental news situation.

So we JUST trade on trend and manage them with Super Smart martingale strategy developed BY ziwox group.

5. Hedge method  (High Risk) ⚠️(Simple But intelligent)

Frequency trades (aggressive). more profit more risk . Hedge mode is fun and game. we don't need any trend detection. why? cause of we are in hedge mode.

Trade one Buy and one sell together. robot wait to price changing. so one of them is in profit and other one is in loss. So market direction was identified. and we use our grate recovery option to change the orders to average profit.


      Super smart martingale recovery option to change loss order to profit

    ❷  Manages your account balance, risk, profit and loss with Automatic money management)

    ❸  EA have news filter to avoid unwanted market movement with high impact news.

    ❹  You have grate, nice and full feature panel to see all the valuable market details like ADR/ATR/RSI/Market trend/Price change speed and nice look design for manually trading option.

    ❺  You have Trail option, Auto closing option with customized profit value, Auto SL/TP/LOT calculation

    ❻  All Position is protected by the EA algorithm, Auto/Virtual TP/SL calculation

    📍 Recommendations:

       💲  Minimum account size 500$ for safe and normal strategy, 3000$ for High Risk method with 1:500 leverage
      💎 Use ECN account for narrow spread and Five decimal places broker
      ⌚ Trade on H1 Timeframe (for Autotrade)
      💶 Recommended symbol is EURUSD, EURJPY and USDJPY

      🏦 Recommended Broker: Alpari-Pro-ECN 

      Add "http://ec.forexprostools.com" on your Allow web request list
      🌐  Telegram Channel: Ziwox Group

      📌 Description and all you need to know: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/735254 

       How to test EA on backtest: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/736592 

      📞 Guidance, Help and installation here

      Best Forex Scalper - robot - safe scalp - best EA

      Reviews 2
      Agus2305 2021.01.24 11:04 

      I've been using it for a short time, but so far it works great. For my part, I can only say good things about the EA and the people who run the project. Congratulations on your work.

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      该EA来自一位客户的策略:运用RSI指标来入场:当RSI指标由大于70转入小于70时候,做空;当RSI指标由小于30转入大于30时候;做多。第一单确认后,当再次发生RSI指标做空时候,加倍手数入场做空, 逆势加仓的倍数为 X, 如果继续逆势,继续加仓,直到加仓到总单数 Y 单以后,如果继续逆势,那就当新增加的单的利润大于目前持仓的第一单的成本基础上有 X 刀的利润,则最后加仓的单和第一单平仓,如果 Y 单后加仓的单一直没有利润冲抵第一单的成本 + 最低利润,则符合条件后继续逆势加仓,直到 Y 后所加的单的利润符合与前面对冲平仓的条件则平相关的单,当总单数回到 Y 单时,继续采用总体盈利 N 点的方式来平仓,否则继续加仓,继续对冲。
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      Steve Zoeger
      Gold Matrix pro Welcome to the Gold Matrix Ea pro. The Robot is based on one standard Indicator. No other Indicator required =============================================================================================== This Robot is fully automated and has been created for everyone. The Robot works also on cent accounts. =============================================================================================== =>   works on all Time Frames from 1Minute to 1Day => On the lower Frames
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      Ally on Forex is an ally trading robot. The Expert Advisor has a number of fine settings that can be adjusted during operation, can trade like a grid EA (with different T/P) and like "Ilan" (with the same T/P). Currency pairs - any, timeframes - any (it is recommended to select the best one on a demo account before running on a live account). Ally on Forex is designed primarily for people who can monitor the movement of the market, who can understand what should be increased (lot, the number of
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      Tomas Vanek
      The Expert Advisor has been developed for GOLD M30 based on High/Low and pending orders. If the signal is not satisfied for 13 bars, a pending order are canceled. It has been backtested on over 7-year tick data with 99% quality of modelling. The screenshots attached feature the robustness test by Monte Carlo analysis with 200 simulations. A broker with a small spread and slippage is recommended for better performance. No need to set up any parameters, these settings are optimized. Check my other
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      Robot designed for long term trading only! Please use it on a vps server and it will bring for You stable profits with a very small percentage loss! The trading strategy used on EA: 1.Price Action 2.Smart martingale 3.Filter Moving Average Pairs recommendations: Any major pair,but best is EURUSD,GBPUSD,and USDJPY. No Gold,Brent or e.t.c. Time Frame recommendations: Time Frame of the chart can be any. But best results is with M15,M5. If You like more aggressive trading style ple
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      News Robot MT4
      Andrey Tatarinov
      News Robot 4.0  During the release of economic news, the price can overcome tens of points only in the first minute after the release. It is very risky to trade manually during high volatility , as it is difficult to quickly respond to rapidly changing quotes and actual data of a news release. To trade on the news, you need to draw up a scenario in advance , set the maximum risk . Use a specialized professional robot to trade on news. News Robot implements your news trading strategy using bo
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      Voron Scalp
      Aleksandr Voronko
      The strategy is based on the breakdown of support and resistance levels. The Expert Advisor works on EURUSD, EURJPY, and USDJPY M30. The robot features the customizable trailing stop. A broker with a small spread and "zero stops" is recommended for real trading. For example, a spread should not exceed 8-10 points (5-digit quotes) for EURUSD. Before using the robot on a real account, test it in the strategy tester on the symbol you are going to trade. Main Settings Lot – lot size SL – stop loss
      50 USD
      Martingale MACDcci
      Yahor Masakou
      Martingale MACDcci trades using the signals of Moving Average Convergence/Divergence ( MACD ) and Commodity Channel Index ( CCI ). It enters the market on receiving signals from MACD for the first position and CCI for the 2-10 th positions. The orders are closed either by MACD for the first position, CCI for the 2-10 th positions and the Profit_Percent_Risk parameter in case of a profit, or by the Close_position_Reverse signal in case of a loss , or by a stop loss in case of a loss. The Stop Los
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      Vasiliy Strukov
      EA Gold Stuff is an Expert Advisor designed specifically for trading gold. The operation is based on opening orders using the Gold Stuff indicator, thus the EA works according to the "Trend Follow" strategy, which means following the trend. Real-time results can be viewed  here . Telegram group  here  telegram channel  here Current settings are always here A beginner's guide is here  SETTINGS Open new series -  on / off beginning of a new series of orders. Start lots -  start lot. Trade Buy - 
      149 USD
      Marco Solito
      1 copy of 10 left at this price Next 10 copies $499. Blueshift   is a fully automatic Expert Advisor for   Intraday  Trading.  it is  based on   Wpr and Ma Indicators . The expert advisor is able to get a very high-rate of winning trades. Follow us on Telegram:   https://t.me/darktradingchannel Live result Channel: https://t.me/darktradingliveresults The Expert was tested on the whole available historical period on   XAUUSD (Gold) and XAGUSD (Silver) M15  with exceptional results. You can dow
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      Wim Schrynemakers
      !! CURRENTLY AT 60% DISCOUNT OF FINAL PRICE !! ONLY 1 COPY LEFT AT 390$ Final price -> 990$ !! BUY ADVANCED SCALPER AND RECEIVE 1 EA FOR FREE !!* (*conditions apply, contact me after purchase) Advanced Scalper is a professional trading robot that has been in development for many years. It uses very advanced exit-algorithms and has a build in spread-filter and slippage-control algorithms. It is fully customisable to suit the client's needs and offers many setup possibilities. Of course there
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      Elena Ivanova
      Voltage Balance Booster is arbitrage multicurrency Expert Advisor. The Expert Advisor works with one or several groups of currencies. One group is seven currency pairs with one common currency. Signal using default setting. Default settings set for 100 usd. For bigger balance you need proportionally set LOTS and PROFIT settings. In a certain period of time, the advisor determines a pair of orders where the mathematical expectation is maximum. After a while, if deals are not closed and profits a
      499 USD
      R Factor EA
      Raphael Minato
      R FACTOR Expert Advisor with Proprietary Dynamic Portfolio Management System After 4 years of development and almost 3 years of real positive results , we are finally confident in sharing our strategy with the MQL5 community. It has always been important for us that the strategy performed positively for the creator before it could be shared. Skin In The Game is essential to demonstrate the belief in the strategy and also to provide a continuous improvement of it. Anyone who has been in this
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      Magic FX
      Alexey Bolshakov
      Magic FX is an automated trading system that uses a channel indicator and candlestick patterns to open and close trades. Trades every day at a specific time. Follows the news, a news filter is installed in the advisor, if important news comes out, the EA does not trade. Doesn't use grid, martingale or other dangerous money management methods. Timeframe М5, currency pairs EURAUD, EURCAD, GBPCAD, GBPUSD Minimum deposit 70 usd. Live signal  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/833668 Live signal 
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      The Ranger EA has a very long forward track record of 12 months! The EA also has a long backtest history of 10+ years using 99.90% modeling quality! Ranger EA V3.61 Backtesting data shows no losing months in 10 years! Projected monthly profit of 2.5-10% a month (default settings) Trades every week Trades the GBPCAD & AUDCAD like a pro. Uses  a corrective trading technique   to turn losing trades into winners Makes a profit every month Finds the best places to range trade the market Trades bett
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      Smart Scalping Robot
      Yevhenii Mavletbaiev
      Smart Scalping Robot is a fully automated Expert that uses a new unique smart scalping strategy in its trading. The price in the Forex market is formed according to the law of supply and demand among the participants in this market, therefore, after an unreasonable rise or fall, it returns to its fair value, this pattern is used by Smart Scalping Robot. The Advisor monitors price changes around the clock to find the optimal entry point. Simply put, the EA determines the moment of price rollback
      129 USD
      Cairo MT4
      Ruben Octavio Gonzalez Aviles
      🌄  Cairo   is a fast and dynamic algorithm with more than 99% profitable trades in a historical backtest. It usually opens multiple trades per week and closes them mostly within the same day. 📣  Introductory offer:   SOLD OUT !  Only  2 of 10 copies  of this EA will be sold at the current price. Next price: $399 📣 NO m artingale, smart recovery, grid trading or averaging in this algorithm.Be careful with such methods as they can quickly wipe out your portfolio. Recommended Broker:   www.va
      349 USD
      ATS Advisor
      Ivan Bebikov
      The MT5 version of the expert Advisor is here -  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/54481 (In MT5 and MT4 versions, there may be slight differences due to the implementation of the code on MT5) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fully automatic adviser, with a system for recovering from losses. The strategy is based on the breakdown of signific
      499 USD
      Bear Vs Bull
      Steven Anderson
      Bear Vs Bull is a fully automatic Scalping Expert Advisor based on price action. The EA strategy trades purely price action with no lagging indicators which has a highly developed trading algorithm programmed that has passed through extensive testing over many years. Best used with Major Pairs GBPUSD, EURUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY and is best used with reputable Low Spread ECN Brokers. All orders are protected by stop loss. Real Account Monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/300687 PM me for set
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      IPRO Zar EA
      Paul Reymkhe
                                 B ULL   B EAR   I NNOVATION                  ⚜️ Technology To Success ⚜️                                     LAUNCH PROMO - 50% SALE ! After all the years of hard research, development and testing, we present to you our innovative and unique Expert Advisor  -   IPRO Zar . IPRO Zar is a Trend-Scalping EA. Main strategy is from TrendFoll
      369 USD
      Tatyana Kulyapina
      Monitoring:   Prado JPY risk 3 prc       broker ICMarkets Global, account type: raw spreed, spread 0-3, commission $ 7.0. Monitoring works from the first version of the advisor, so check the test results from the date of the last update! PRADO is a safe Expert Advisor   that trades pending orders,       stop loss and take profit are set immediately   , multifunctional trailing stop works. In   PRADO       not used: grids, averaging, increasing the volume of orders and other dangerous techniques
      499 USD
      Euro Master
      Stanislav Tomilov
      Price: $499 4 of 10 copies left at this price Next price $599 Live signal  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/866039 Telegram channel:  https://t.me/aura_gold_ea Euro Master is an advanced, fully automated Expert developed to trade with EURUSD. Experts use unique artificial intelligence technology for market analysis to find the best entry points. EA contains self-adaptive market algorithms with reinforcement learning elements. Reinforcement machine learning differs from supervised learning in a w
      499 USD
      Matrix System
      Sabil Yudifera
      The Matrix System EA is a scalping trading robot. The EA algorithm calculates the candlestick patterns arranged in a matrix. The Robot processing is based on the neural network in a matrix and the best pattern is stored. The Matrix combination is recalculated to get accurate calculation before opening position. Recommended trading symbols GBPUSD, GBPJPY, XAUUSD, and EURJPY. Settings TrailingStar - the distance between open price and current price to start trailing. TrailingStop - trailing st
      499 USD
      Hippo Trader Pro
      Michela Russo
      Hippo Trader Pro is a trading robot  for the trading on forex. This is a Trend Following system that trades mainly during Asian and European Session. The EA has been subjected to  stress tests  for a period of  17 years  and  passes every year  with a very advantageous profit/drawdown ratio. Important Information Revealed By  purchasing  this Expert Advisor you are entitled  to receive a free copy  of  Another EA ! (All future updates included) -> To Receive it, Please Contact me by  mql5 mess
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      London Pride EA
      Dmitrii Golubev
      Price: $369 until the end of February NEXT PRICE $469            Live Signal   https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/943594 Telegram Channel      https://t.me/Successful_Forex_EA  Recommended VPS: https://ruvds.com/pr5256 Recommended Broker: https://ru.weltrade.com/?r1=ipartner&r2=36541 London Pride is a high-end, totally automated Expert Advisor specifically devised to trade with GBPUSD currency pair. It is ideal for working on M15 timeframe. The EA uses sophisticated m
      369 USD
      EA Profit Storm mt4
      Evgenii Aksenov
      Only 1 copies for $349 . Final price $799 By purchasing this Expert Advisor, you can participate in the "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" promotion:   https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/740436 After the purchase, please contact me to receive a personal invitation to a closed chat group of t.me EA Profit Storm is a trading robot of INFINITY 2021 new generation The EA has a built-in function of maximum spread control, so it will protect you from night rollover extensions  EA Profit Storm suitable for trading p
      349 USD
      Spider Crazy Pro
      Michela Russo
      Spider Crazy Pro is at discount Price only Today, at 50% of the Original Price! Buy Now! Spider Crazy Pro is a trading robot  for the trading on forex. This is a complete system with   11 Strategy in 1 EA . This Robot opens a   large number of orders .  Important Information Revealed By  purchasing  this Expert Advisor you are entitled  to receive a free copy  of  Snake Crazy Pro ! (All future updates included) -> To Receive it, Please Contact me by mql5 or email !   This Expert advisor not
      395 USD
      Cobra EA
      Vsevolod Gorkovtsov
      Sales promo: Cobra EA for $249 only for 10 buyers! 7 copies left, next price - $299 Have your EA or a signal failed soon after it became too crowded ? Shouldn't there be a technical solution to this in the 21st century? For the last several years I have been actively working on the solution to this problem. Name of it – Cobra EA Cobra is a revolutionary grid system unlike anything you have ever seen . And these are not just marketing words, they are backed up with sophisticated algorithmi
      249 USD
      EA Spectr
      Fanur Galamov
      ⭐   9 copies for $199. ⭐ Next price $249. ⭐ Final price $499. EA Spectr is an automated professional multi-currency expert advisor that designed for long-term profitable trading. The EA continuously controls price movements and makes accurate trades based on market patterns, trend and technical indicators. The Ea contains a flexible news filter, high spread protection, separate time and days trading filters and allows to work with automatic and fixed trading lots. Each Ea trade is covered b
      199 USD
      AW Recovery EA
      Alexander Nechaev
      Advisor is a system designed to restore unprofitable positions. Simple setup, delayed launch during drawdown, locking, disabling other expert advisors, averaging with trend filtering and partial closing of a losing position built into one tool. The system of automatic calculations will prepare the settings in a few clicks. The use of partial closing of losses allows you to reduce losses with a lower deposit load, which ensures a more secure work with losses, in contrast to the grid strategies o
      145 USD
      RSI Divergence Trader
      Bogdan Ilie Talpos
      ================================================================================================ Try the default settings on M5 - EURUSD, EURCAD, EURAUD, AUDNZD; M15 - USDJPY ================================================================================================ Monitoring signal:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/747414 ================================================================================================ I believe that the RSI is the best indicator out there and most of th
      200 USD
      Rocket Man
      Evgenii Golovanets
      Price: $699  Recommended broker Recommended broker №2 Live signal   https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/911160 Telegram channel   https://t.me/rocketman_ea Rocket Man  is a fully automated expert adviser, which implements convenient features to perform multicurrency trading with the ability to widely diversify trading risks. This Forex robot uses just one deal for trading and always use stop loss and take profit to protect capital! Expert never uses dangerous methods of money management, such as
      499 USD
      NightVision EA
      Alexander Kalinkin
      NightVision EA  - is an automated Expert Advisor that uses night scalping trading during the closing of the American trading session. The EA uses a number of unique author's developments that have been successfully tested on real trading accounts. The EA can be used on most of the available trading instruments and is characterized by a small number of settings and easy installation. Live signal for NightVision EA:    https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/author/dvrk78 Recommended FX broker :  IC Marke
      349 USD
      Market Maker Expert
      Oon Kar Lee
      1 out of 5 COPIES AT $349 Price will rise to limit the number of users of this powerful ATM machine. Next price $399.  (Real Profit, Real Trades, Real Signal) After your purchase, drop me a PM. MARKET MAKER EXPERT is an highly CUSTOMIZABLE Advanced, fully automated Expert developed to trade on MULTIPAIR MODE ( EURUSD,USDJPY,USDCHF,USDCAD,EURCHF ), by spreading out risks. Expanding Grid is its speciality. It focuses on MAXIMUM PROFIT ABILITY, by opening a large number of orders. Just load on
      349 USD
      Trend Line GRID mt4
      Evgenii Aksenov
      This is a grid EA based on the signals of the   Trend Line PRO   indicator:   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/42399 Trend Line GRID EA   trade the first order based on the indicator signal and builds a grid if the price deviates. After a certain number of orders, the DrawDown Reduction function is enabled, which reduces the most unprofitable orders by closing them with a counter profit. This ensures that a profit is achieved in each trend. EA also accompanies trades opened in manual mode
      199 USD
      Pinpoint EA
      Ryan Brown
      The Pinpoint EA is the result of 6 months of work to build an EA that's able to safely recover a losing trade over 17+ years of backtesting. The Pinpoint has a 94% win rate and has never lost more than 2 trades in a row in 17 years of testing on the GU and EU.  The EA trades almost on daily basses and churns out a profit every week! Pinpoint V1.9 Backtest data shows a 94% win rate over 17 years! Projected monthly profit of 2.5% a month (default settings) Trades every week Trades the EURUSD & G
      397 USD
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      Trend Scalp Free
      Sara Sabaghi
      Trend Scalp Free   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Trend Scalp pro  🚀 🤑   Live Monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/842515 https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/704872 This Is a limit free version that work just on 1 pair EURUSD and limited with 1 strategies (normal) - You can find the full pro version HERE ⚡ Many traders don't trust robots... they Just use technical analysis and make manual orders. So what happens if this technical analysis and use trend line to make the best decision and work AUTOMATIC ??   🤑   🤑
      Trade Copier Local
      Sara Sabaghi
      This tools is simplest Trade Copier that use your local pc to store your position list. Fast, Simple We dont have complicated files. Just this EA, with 2 mode. Master Mode to store your positions And Client mode to copy all the position from local storage. Its free tools, for unlimited usage, and unlimited Metatrader and unlimited account number. Enjoy Inputs: Mode > To select Copier Mode. Master Store your positions, and client mode copy the stored positions Slipage > To protect taking new po
      Telegram Signal pro
      Sara Sabaghi
      Telegram Signal pro   ⚡ ⚡   50% Discount just 3 copy left   ⚡ ⚡ 120$ > changed to 66$ 📍   Best Telegram forwarder on the store, With nice panel, nice message look, 📍   Send your customized chart template. 📍   with beautiful EMOJI on messages 📍   Simple to use, JUST make a telegram bot, Use API and channel name 📍   🔔   and the   First and The only   telegram forwarder that send you   economic news calendar   too  ⭐ ⭐ 📍   Weekly report, Weekly orders list, calculating your profit, loss wit
      66 USD
      Michal Havran
      Michal Havran 2021.02.19 19:06 

      Thank you guys for this great EA.You did a really good work. After using the free version for about a month i'am now live with PRO version.Thanks

      Sara Sabaghi
      Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2021.02.19 23:38
      Thank you too for using our tools. It's our pleasure.
      Agus2305 2021.01.24 11:04 

      I've been using it for a short time, but so far it works great. For my part, I can only say good things about the EA and the people who run the project. Congratulations on your work.

      Sara Sabaghi
      Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2021.02.19 23:36
      Good luck dear friend, We hope you find more useful options on our panel too.
      Best regards and wish you more money with TSP
      Reply to review
      Version 1.2 2021.02.11
      // 1. Show AVR price close line
      // 2. Tickvalue added to calculation for close price profit
      // 3. set drop_time delay for martingale func
      // 4. Fix some fnct to have better speed and performance
      // 5. Strategy list changed (Add turbo method)
      // 6. Bug fix for BreakEven func
      Version 1.1 2020.12.21
      // 1. Speed and performance improvement
      // 2. Fix some minor bug
      // 3. You can test panel on backtesting with full feature