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The green billow

Operation principles

The main advantage of the Expert Advisor is that you do not need to set multiple parameters and understand the Forex market principles. All you need is to set one parameter according to the recommendations given in the description and launch the EA. The robot calculates the necessary lot volume, acceptable risk and closing amount.

The EA works on any timeframe and symbol. Several parameters and indicators are analyzed during the EA operation.

Orders are opened and profit is received when meeting the necessary conditions.


  • Set_Orders_Step – distance between orders of a series, in points. Recommended values for symbols: five-digit EURUSD – 50; four-digit EURUSD – 5; five-digit GBPUSD – 50; four-digit GBPUSD – 5; three-digit USDJPY – 50; two-digit USDJPY – 5; four-digit USDCHF – 5; five-digit USDCHF – 50. Launch optimization in the tester to find the values for other symbols.
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