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Easy Trade Manager MT5

Thank you users for all your great feedback for the MT4 version - Latest MT4 Version 16 becomes MT5! July Version 1.3 Updated.

  1. Enter the Risked Amount or Lot size or % of Balance (New!)
  2. Drag the RED line on the chart to fix the Stop-Loss.
  3. Drag Blue line (New!) for Limit/Stop orders automatically !
  4. Adjust TP1, TP2 and TP3 lines
  5. You are ready to Buy/Sell > Adjust the lines even after the trade

Automatic Breakeven TP1/2 | Book Part/Partial Profit TP1-TP2 | Automatic Magic Trail TP1/2 | Trade with fixed Amount or Lot Size or % Balance |Automatic lot | All orders are hidden ( so you will not see it until it is executed!) | Hidden features for scalping

  • Buy/Sell! TP1,2,3 and lot size will be done based on your preference.
  • New Magic Trail option will automatically sense market volatility and adjust/trail your TP3! try it!
  • All the levels you set are hidden from the broker so the broker will only see it after execution!
Basic Features and EA Settings –

Trade  Management 
  • Risk Setting = Select > Fixed Amount or Fixed Lot or % Balance - New!
  • Amount Risked = 100 -  Means $100 to be risked per trade ( Can be any currency )
  • % of Balance = % of Balance to be risked. Eg.2% - New!
  • Fixed Lot Size = Lot Size to be risked. Eg 0.1 Lots - Make sure Risk Setting = Fixed Lot
  • Limit Order = True/False - True for enabling Limit/Stop Orders ; False for market orders

Stop-loss Settings - Define Stop-loss, Lot Size and when to breakeven

  • SL Value = 10.0 means stop-loss will 10 pips
  • Set Breakeven = TP1 or TP2 - Means trades will be set to breakeven after TP1 is booked > 2 New unique hidden features for Breakeven!
  • Use Hidden Stop-loss = True/False - True means hidden SL will be used
  • Unique Stop-loss Assist Features (Download to know more)

Profit Booking Settings - How much to partial close  & What levels to close

  • TP1 = 50 - TP1 % Percentage of Lots/Amount to be booked at TP1 - 50 means 50%
  • TP2 = 40 - TP2 % Percentage of Lots/Amount to be booked at TP2 – 40 means 40% ( TP3 will automatically be 10% )
  • TP Setting = Pips - enter pips below or Use Ratios - Eg 1:1 so if SL is 10 pips, TP1 will 10 pips
  • TP1 = 20.0 - 1st Take Profit ;Eg. 20.0 means 20 pips if TP setting=pips,Ratios - 1.0 means automatically calculate 1:1 so if SL is 10 pips,TP1 will 10 pips
  • TP2 = 40.0 - 2nd Take Profit ;Eg. 40.0 means 40 pips if TP setting=pips,Ratios - 2.0 means automatically calculate 1:2 so if SL is 10 pips,TP2 will 20 pips
  • TP3 = 80.0 - 3rd Take Profit ; 80.0 pips if TP setting=pips, Ratios - 3.0 means automatically calculate 1:3 so if SL is 10 pips, TP3 will 30 pips

 Trail Settings - When to Trail & How to Trail

  • Trail Profit Start = Start when to Trail profit from TP1 or TP2 or Order Open Price - Tricks to Scalp!
  • Trail Type = Magic Trail Long = Use for Long Term trades ; Magic Trail Short = Use for short term trades ; No trail

Trade Settings - Conditions used for the Trades

  • Magic Numbers = Input “Magic numbers” to track your trades
  • Slippage allowed = 3 - This means maximum slippage allowed will be 3
  • Add Spread =  True/False - Used to add spread to TP/SL automatically
  • Order Comments =  Used for updating comment

I want to keep this EA simple and you will see trades - breakeven - partial closing is done with high speed and accuracy - this will be the most important aspect of this EA.

Note : Please use the Easy Trade Manager on a VPS for uninterrupted FASTER operation. If you are new > Try the free Amazon VPS ( Check Youtube )

Pls leave a good review if you like the EA & send me suggestions to improve

Easy Trade Manager automated Version to virtually manage trades > Easy Virtual Traderhttps://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/42804

Easy "Virtual" Trader will automatically set stop-loss, set breakeven ,book partial profit and set trail for your orders taken from your mobile.

Easy Equity Builder - A highly sophisticated and trusted money making EA developed on MT4 by the same team  - http://www.easyequitybuilder.com

Thank you!
60946066 2020.06.29 13:32 

I had been looking for a similar ea for a long time. This ea does what it should do and is very useful. Now I no longer have to constantly watch my trades. The seller is also very friendly and helpful, when I had a problem or question, he quickly responded.

Victor Andrade
Victor Andrade 2020.06.03 16:23 

I was super excited to purchase this but as a scalper it is very annoying that I cannot get the trade history off the screen. I remove them and they return immediately. I deleted this.

mrjensen 2020.04.29 14:25 

So far it has been really helpful and it gets the job done. Suggested a new feature and Anoop has been helpful implementing it in the next update.

Version 1.3 2020.07.10
- Magic number gets automated - No more Magic number
- Windows10 update for Panel resolution fine tuned
- Chart functions fine-tuned for easy operations - Chart shift functions
- Magic Trail codes fine-tuned
- Settings update for easy understanding
- Panel placement and size fine tuned
Version 1.2 2020.04.14
- Fine-tuning of the codes
- Updated to trade any pairs
- Panel Position fixed
- Default settings fine-tuned