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Th3Eng Panda trend

Th3Eng Panda trend is a powerful indicator that works perfectly for scalping trades as well as swing trades. Th3Eng Panda trend is not just an indicator, but a very good trend filter.

You can setup it on H4/H1 to Find the main trend and start scalping on M5/m15/m30 Time Frames.

Works with all pairs and all Time Frames :)


Section #1

  1. History: Maximum number or bars to draw the last signals. (Default 5000)
  2. Draw Candles: Draw red candle when sell signal and green when buy signal. (true/false)
  3. Draw Box: Draw dashboard box on the left chart side included (all account balance details and the current signal details ). (true/false)
  4. Box color: the background color of the box.

Section #2

Alert: Alerting at any new signal. (true/false)

Email: Sending Email at any new signal. (true/false)

Mobile Notification: Sending Mobile Notification at any new signal. (true/false)


  • Broker: Any Broker.
  • Account Type: all account types.
  • Balance: from 30$ only!


Shady Shata
Shady Shata 2020.01.20 17:38 

You can totally count on it thanks

Alaa A. Al Hariri
Alaa A. Al Hariri 2020.01.19 07:10   

Es ist so schlimm

Itnas 2020.01.14 16:46 

Индикатор отличный, сигналы хороши.