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Adament Levels Logic B

First of all i would like to thank you all for the huge success of "Adamant Levels Logic A"

This indicator got 230+ downloads in 18 days.

for more details of logic A please refer to the below link:


After its success, i am confident enough that this indicator "Adamant Levels Logic B"  also will play an important role in your successful trading carrier.

In order to incorporate all my logic levels in to your trading system 6 months subscription of all logic levels are available for 1 month subscription  price.

Hope this will be helpful.

Introduction to Adamant Levels:

Disclaimer: If you are looking for a Fancy, colorful and eye catchy indicator please stay away.

No trader can become a good trader without considering levels where the price can hold, bounce or break.

These levels help traders to enter markets at a cheaper price. They can be Support resistance, demand supply, pivot point, Fibonacci levels etc.

After years of research and analysis on price charts, I discovered few complex Algorithms and Logics to find out probable price behavior in future.

Applying these Logics and Algorithms on certain price points I achieved those levels where price can bounce or break.

I named them as "Adamant Levels".

Yes they are really adamant and static in nature.

Price is attracted and repulsed by these levels.

These are the future price actions levels where traders can enter the market with more Risk to Reward Ratio.

Most of the trigger points like Price Patterns, Chart Patterns, Convergence and Divergence, Trend line Breakdowns etc occur on these "Adamant levels".

So wait for a trigger to occur on these levels and enter.

Pay special attention on confluence of different Adamant Levels

Pay special attention on price reaching Adamant Levels and Over Sold, Over Bought regions of RSI at same time, followed by Price Patterns.

These are the must have levels on every chart you trade.

This indicator is designed on basis of my second logic i.e "Logic B".

Logic A  and Logic B are entirely Different levels.

Input Parameters:

Input parameters varies from Symbol (Currency pair ) to Symbol.

Default settings work  for most of the pairs.

If trader desire to have more levels, can enable secondary levels and low Time Frame levels.

Hope your investment on this indicator may help you in achieving your bright trading goals.

Abou Azouz
Abou Azouz 2019.08.22 05:36   

Thank you .. but can you add an alert ??

jvp999 2019.03.14 22:41   

very impressed with it so far......

Thank you so much

Krishna Karanam
Krishna Karanam 2019.03.13 11:39 

Oh My God. Working perfect.

Am becoming big fan of you. Thank you for the product.

Version 4.0 2019.03.21
Added Advanced filtered levels and made default.
Removed all other low significant levels to avoid over trading.
Performance improvements and Bug fixes.