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Monthly OHLC MA

This indicator Plots Open, High, Low and Close levels of previous month, on current month's lower time frames.

These levels act as good support and resistance levels.

Most of the time price oscillates within the levels.

wait for price to reach these levels and act accordingly.

Pay special attention to confluence of levels.

According to my observation if Close (White) level is in confluence with any other levels, High probability of break out or bounce back.

Scroll back to previous months and observe price Action at these levels for better understanding.

Input Parameters

No input parameters

Open= Color Spring Green

High = Color Magenta

Low = Color Dark Khaki

Close = Color White

Enjoy the indicator.

sunnychow 2019.03.10 14:49 

Thanks for share

Krishna Karanam
Krishna Karanam 2019.03.07 18:31 

Good. Thank you