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Skillfully run away

Skillfully run awayEA is a similar to Martin's EA, from Martin's theory, but the risk is far lower than Martin, built in risk control, so that you are not as open as pure Martin EA, after ten years of historical data retest, repeated modification of the strategy, so far, I have just released, in line with the responsibility of investors and users Prudence is prudent.

On the parameters

If you want to hang this EA on different varieties, be sure to set the parameters "bm" and "sm" without interfering with each other.

"Zhisun" parameter is to set a single variety loss X amount after all the liquidation.

In addition, a multi-empty switch can be flexibly used by traders to grasp the risks themselves.

"Point difference" parameters, do transactions know, in the day close to the closing time, the point difference will suddenly increase, in order to ensure that the user is not affected, can set a difference, when the variety of point difference is greater than the point difference you set, the transaction is suspended when the point difference returns to normal.


As the world's most knowledgeable person, I've set the parameters to the optimal parameters, users can directly use, without modification.

EA settings: use the default settings or set the file.

Variety: suitable for all varieties with smaller points.

Time frame: M15.

Broker: ECN broker, low spread/commission, 1:400 lever, non-FIFO or FIFO.

Minimum deposit: $5000.

Note that in the event of a major news event, please close this EA

If there is a single before closing EA, set the parameter "zuida" = close this EA when there is no single.

Note: this EA is not suitable for a platform with a minimum of 0.1. If the minimum amount of your platform is 0.1, the minimum amount of gold is 30000USD, the parameter lot is not modified, only modify the stop loss; please buy it carefully.

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