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Look at the picture can see clearly, multi-space color index is very useful index.

Indicator parameters can be set at will, I usually use this indicator to measure the judgment of many and empty when trading.

Although the index is delayed, I think the performance and appearance of this index can make you judge the empty, I think the index is a trader's reference.

Color description in the index
When the indicator turns green to white, it means that the price rise has ended, or falls or shocks, depending on the situation, and vice versa.

I don't have much to explain to this indicator as a development, and in the light of the traders' responsibility, I have made some small explanations. I hope my explanation is of some use to the user.

I have been using this indicator for many years, and the success rate is very high. I hope it can help investors.

I'm not going to explain all the parameters, very simple parameter settings, you'll see.

The index has no effect on the variety of partial concussion.
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