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The translation of MACDbeili metrics into English means MACDdeviation. It is based on the requirement of the investor to write the high end EA's artifact, which can get a MACD deviation signal well according to this index. Some investors like to do MACD deviations, and use this index to write EA on the deviation of the MAcd.

Investors know that MACD deviation is a good way to operate, according to the signal of MACD deviation, the success rate is very high.

On the parameters of MACDbeili
The MACDbeili parameter contains the MACD parameter, and the Zigzag parameter.
Parameter settings are basically the same as the parameters of these two indicators, and users can do whatever they like.

In fact, there are many kinds of deviations, in addition to MACD, there are KDJ deviations, and CCI departure, on the deviation of these two indicators, I will write as soon as possible, I believe in the near future will meet with you.
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