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Dragon flight

Dragon flight EA

Dragon flight is a Martin-like EA, from Martin's theory, but the risk is much lower than Martin's, built-in risk control, so that you do not like pure Martin EA, after ten years of historical data review, repeated revision strategy, I have just released, in line with investors and users responsible for Caution is prudent.

On the parameters

control :You can control this EA as you like.

Reap profit1 and Reap profit1 :Profit point。


As the world's most knowledgeable person, I've set the parameters to the optimal parameters, users can directly use, without modification.

Use default settings

Broker: ECN broker, low communication / Commission, 1:400 leverage, non FIFO or FIFO.

Minimum deposit: US $5000.

Note that when major news events are about to occur, please close this EA.

If there is a single before closing EA, set the parameter "control" = No orders OFF.

It can be done with multiple currencies, as long as buymagic and sellmagic are used to distinguish currencies.

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