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Macd Multi Time Frame FREE

With the MACD Multi Time Frame indicator, you can spot divergences of higher timeframes while you are searching for pinpointed entries on lower timeframes.

This FREE version of the indicator works only on EURUSD and GBPUSD. The full version of the indicator can be found here: MACD Multi Time Frame

This blog post gives you REAL-TIME MACD Divergence Analysis for FREE and tips how to trade the divergences: REAL-TIME MACD Divergence Analysis

The MACD Multi Time Frame gives you a very good overview of what is happening on higher timeframes without the need of switching to the higher timeframe. For example, you will always see the MACD value of the timeframe H4 while you are searching for entry opportunities on H1 or M30.


  • referenceTF - dropdown box where you can choose the timeframe of the MACD. The value of the MACD of this timeframe will be shown on lower timeframes
  • fastEMA - period of the fast EMA of the MACD (12 by default)
  • slowEMA - period of the slow EMA of the MACD (26 by default)
  • signal - period of the signal of the MACD (9 by default)

Chris Braem
Chris Braem 2018.07.11 11:42 

I really can recommended this indicator very useful

vitoryu 2018.07.11 03:37 

smart and excellent indicator!

braddock 2018.07.10 16:45 

perfect, like all indis from developper

brown123 2018.07.10 13:29 

recommended. to perfect your analysis

Muhammet Simsek
Muhammet Simsek 2018.07.10 12:45 

It's a lot of work. It works very well. Definitely recommended.

Aleksandr Tamonin
Aleksandr Tamonin 2018.05.28 20:53 

Судя по тестовой версии неплохой индикатор

Singgih Wasito Adhi
Singgih Wasito Adhi 2018.04.26 14:45 

not bad, good