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Orders Indicator Light

i-Orders is a simple indicator to monitor your own trade/analyze others' trades.

I use it for a long time and do not imagine a chart without these arrows, lines and trade result numbers.

The features allow you to:

  • disable display of opened and closed positions (Show OPENEDShow CLOSEDShow PENDING),
  • change colors of arrows and lines for profitable and loss-making buy and sell positions separately (Color for profitable/losing BUYs/SELLs),
  • change style and width of the lines connecting deal open and close points (Open-Close lines width, Open-Close lines style), add text labels on that points (Open price labels width, Close price labels width),
  • enable display of a profit in a deposit currency, points or % (Show profit in money/points/percents), configure profit display accuracy (Number of digits to show),
  • change text font and size (Font, Font size),
  • enable profit in points (Show profit in points),
  • mark stop loss and take profit levels by dashes (Show SL and TP dashes) and connect them to the Open price by the configurable line (SL and TP vertical lines width, SL and TP vertical lines style),
  • display expiration time of pending orders (if specified) as lines (Expiration lines width/style) with a text comment (Expiration comment),
  • display trades only with a specified MagicNumber,
  • limit the displayed history depth to save PC computing resources (Max history deals),
  • track cent accounts converting profit into USD.

This is a lite version of Orders Indicator. It does not provide buttons for managing the display of symbols. Also, trades from a file cannot be displayed in this version.

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Version 7.52 2018.12.18
- Open positions profit color changes correct
- BreakEven: both BUY and SELL levels modes
Version 7.50 2018.10.04
- New open deals drawing style: Horizontal lines like in MT
- Aggregated BreakEven level for buys and sells (if both are opened and lots are different)
- History profit labels do not intersect