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Grammy MT4

Grammy — is:

  • 🍀 Instant messages to your Telegram on any trade events,
  • 🚀 Commands to control all your terminals from one Telegram chat,
  • 📢 Price alerts (crossing horizontal or trend lines),
  • 💰 Daily, weekly and monthly reports.

To check all functions, please, download free demo-version with only one limit — 5 messages per EA launch.

Why is Grammy better:

  • Fully customizable messages templates,
  • Emoji and "smart" substitution to the messages,
  • Commands to control all your terminals from Telegram (the list will expand),
  • The simpiest installation process ever (will take 1 minute).


In your MetaTrader:
  • Add https://api.telegram.org/ to the list of allowed URLs (Tools - Options, Expert Advisors tab),
  • Attach Grammy MT4 EA to any chart.

In your Telegram:

  • Find @grammy_the_bot and start the chat (or add it to the group or channel with administrator rights),
  • Type '/start',
  • Find the activation string (for example, '/1234') in the alert window in your MetaTrader,
  • Send this activation string to the telegram.
Done! You'll receive "Thank you! Notifications activated!" message.

To check your messages templates, type "/test" to your telegram channel, bot will send test messages so you can check how them look like.

Full description of all functions you can find in the Grammy FAQ.

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Version 5.15 2020.09.17
2020.09.17 (5.15):
[+] #volume_ccy#, #volume_percent# and #close_percent# macroses
[*] Reports: intervals renamed (used in #report_period# macros)
[+] Reports can be scheduled for specified hour and minute
[+] Reports: identical results for different intervals are merged into single report
[*] Reports: current balance fixed
Version 5.14 2020.08.05
2020.08.05 (5.14):
[+] /orders command and "Orders list template" parameter
[+] #pending_distance# macros
[*] /report: start balance calculation fixed for accounts with withdrawals and deposits and for MT5 accounts with commission
[+] /report: yearly interval added
[+] /report: several reports in one single message
Version 5.13 2020.06.09
2020.06.09 (5.13):
[+] Netting: aggregate deals
[+] Template for "/account" command
[+] New account state macroses: #balance#, #equity#, #margin#, #free_margin# and #margin_level#
[+] #close_type#, #lots_sign#, #position# and #positions# macroses
[+] Some system messages in Russian
[+] Ping alert during business days only
[+] "/shutdown" command must be confirmed by "/yes" command within 30 seconds
Version 5.12 2020.05.06
2020.05.06 (5.12):
[+] Alert on terminal close ("Terminal Close" template)
[+] Alert on ping enlarging ("Ping Increase" template)
[+] #ping# and #ping_prev# macroses
[+] /shutdown command
[+] Commands allowed only from specified accounts
[+] "ScreenShots width" and "ScreenShots height" parameters for "attach_screenshot" function
Version 5.11 2020.04.23
2020.04.23 (5.11):
[+] Netting accounts support
[+] /positions command and "Positions list template" parameter
[+] #magic# macros
[*] Commands that include "@grammy_the_bot" suffix work correct (for example, "/report@grammy_the_bot")
Version 5.10 2020.04.21
2020.04.20 (5.10):
[+] Messages forwarding improved (refer to the FAQ for details)
[*] Fixed work on some VPS
Version 5.9 2020.04.18
2020.04.18 (5.09):
[+] Messages forwarding from other programs (refer to the FAQ for details)