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Snake EA AM

The Expert Advisor is constantly in the market trying to make profit from each price movement. The robot trades using tick data. The EA allows significant deposit drawdowns on long trend market sections that can be reduced by decreasing the Lot_step parameter.

The EA operation efficiency depends on the selected market and the EA parameters.

The total volume of the EA trades may be considerable enough making its use more justified for a broker having a rebate program or returning a volume of closed positions.

The optimal EA parameters are different for each market and timeframe. Do not use the maximum risk parameters that showed the best result in the past in real trading. The market is constantly changing, and there is no guarantee that the methods efficient in the past will remain efficient in the future. In order to minimize potential losses, optimize the EA parameters regularly, study its operation results and withdraw part of your profit. Test the EA on a demo account on the same market and with the same broker you are going to trade with.


  • High leverage (1:200 - 1:500)
  • Reliable server connection
  • Constant EA operation
  • Fast order execution


  • Order_step - range (in points), from which trades are opened
  • Risk - lot growth in each subsequent trade
  • Lot_step - maximum number of lot growth steps
Andrey Litvichenko
2017.10.29 04:43 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Maksim Monkhorov
2017.07.31 15:54 

за 30 долларов даже в тестере не работает..

Version 9.1 - 2017.10.30
Optimized calculation of orders opening moments.
Version 8.0 - 2017.08.23
Increased the accuracy of customizable parameters.
Version 7.0 - 2017.08.07
Fixed an error that increased the risk at the beginning of an order series.
Version 5.0 - 2017.07.31
Fixed an error which resulted in the minimum order step equal to 10 points.
Version 4.0 - 2017.07.04
Now, the EA correctly takes into account its previously opened orders after a re-launch or changing the parameters.
Version 3.0 - 2017.06.14
Added automatic correction of incorrect parameters.