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Fractal Levels MTF

The indicator displays the fractal levels of one,two or three different higher timeframes starting with the current one. When a new fractal appears, a new level is plotted. The indicator can be used for visual analysis of the current chart and applied in an EA. If more levels are needed, start a new instance of the indicator.


  1. Timeframes to choose from. For example: M1, M2, M3, M20, H2, H3, H12.
  2. If a timeframe smaller than the current one is selected in the settings, the level of the current timeframe will be displayed.
  3. The ability to display the levels that are not price extremums (fractal) but are the closing levels of the candles (near fractal).
  4. Sound notification when the price reaches of one of the fractal levels (you can enable/disable the signal).
  5. The pop-up notification window in the terminal (enable/disable).
  6. Email notifications (enable/disable).
  7. Push notifications (enable/disable).
  8. Ability to select a limited number of Up and Down fractals (starting from the chart end) or all available ones.


  • appliedPrice: the price used for drawing the levels. There are two options:
    • High_Low: High and Low prices (fractal);
    • Close_Close: candle closing price, nearest to the fractal.
    When using the indicator in an expert, the High_Low parameter corresponds to the number 2, Close_Close - number 3.
  • onSmallerTF: enable/disable the first level;
  • onMiddleTF: enable/disable the second level;
  • onLargerTF: enable/disable the third level;
  • smallerTF: timeframe of the first level;
  • middleTF: timeframe of the second level;
  • largerTF: timeframe of the third level;
  • Pop-up alerts: enable/disable the pop-up notification window in the terminal;
  • Sound alertsP: enable/disable sound alert;
  • Send alerts to Email: enable/disable email alert;
  • Send Push alerts to mobile: enable/disable push notifications;
  • Limit number of fractals: possible values 0, 1, 2, 3, etc. for selected timeframes. 0 - use all fractals.

The color and width settings are standard.

Bambang Arief
Bambang Arief 2017.06.13 17:17 

interesting, just rent for 3 months and let's see how this indicator help in deciding order level.

Version 3.0 2017.09.04
Added the ability to limit the number of fractals creating support/resistance levels.
Version 2.0 2017.07.07
1. Optimized the code.
2. Fixed some logic elements.
3. Added blocks of notification when the price reaches the fractal level or crosses it:
-Pop-up alerts: enable/disable pop-up alerts in the terminal;
-Send alerts to Email: enable/disable email notifications;
-Send Push alerts to mobile: enable/disable push notifications to the mobile terminal.