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Fractal Levels MTF for MT5

The indicator displays the fractal levels of one, two or three different higher timeframes starting beginning with the current one. When a new fractal appears, a new level is plotted. The indicator can be used for visual analysis of the current chart and applied in an EA. If more levels are needed, start a new instance of the indicator.


  • The indicator works on any timeframe and symbol.
  • If a timeframe smaller than the current one is selected in the settings, the level of the current timeframe is displayed.
  • The ability to display the levels that are not price extremums (fractal) but are the closing levels of the candles (near fractal).
  • The block of various notifications when the price reaches the fractal level or crosses it (you can enable/disable each signal).


  • Applied price: price used for drawing the levels. There are two options:
    • High_Low: High and Low prices (fractal);
    • Close_Close: candle closing price, nearest to the fractal;
      When using the indicator in the EA, the High_Low parameter corresponds to the number 2, while Close_Close to number 3.
  • ON/OFF Smaller timeframes: enable/disable the first level;
  • ON/OFF Middle timeframes: enable/disable the second level;
  • ON/OFF Larger timeframes: enable/disable the third level;
  • Smaller timeframes: timeframe of the first level;
  • Middle timeframes: timeframe of the second level;
  • Larger timeframes: timeframe of the third level;
  • Pop-up alerts: enable/disable popup alerts in the terminal;
  • Sound alerts: enable/disable the sound alert;
  • Send alerts to Email: enable/disable email notifications;
  • Send Push alerts to mobile: enable/disable push notifications to the mobile terminal.

The color and width settings are standard.

tomtrader001 2019.07.28 14:56 

so few setups!!!!