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A script for opening a grid of orders

If you need to quickly open several pending orders on a certain distance from the current price, this script will save you from routine! Allow AutoTrading before running the script.


Run the script on the chart.

This script is a limited version of the market product https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/635 and allows opening only Buy Stop orders. Input parameters are not required in the script. Parameters such as number of orders, order type, distance between the orders, Take Profit and Stop Loss can be set in the full version.

Nikolay Gaylis
Nikolay Gaylis 2019.01.14 08:27 

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Ali irwan
Ali irwan 2017.07.28 02:13 

like it

Vadim Strelkov
Vadim Strelkov 2014.04.29 07:55 

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