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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 160

Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Trade Master
Gyunay Sali
Trade Master is advanced forex robot for manual trading and managing open trades. When attached to a chart it prints two buttons BUY and SELL. Using these two buttons you can trade manually by predefined Stop Loss, Take Profit and other parameters. Trade Master is also equipped with Trailing Stop system to protect the profits. Trade Master is the best tools for scheduled closing of trades. It can be used for closing trades for each weekday from Monday to Friday at specific time (hour and minutes
30 USD
Adapter Of Artificial Intelligence
Xiaoneng Meng
Adapter Of Artificial Intelligence trades according to the degree of market volatility. It tracks the price levels, then opens positions and manages them until they are closed with a profit or a small loss. It does not use hedging, martingale, grid or any other type of dangerous practices. Counting on a 7-year backtest period, it shows the EA's great adaptability to any type of structural behavior in the market, in trend or sideways. It does not need sophisticated trading conditions or high exec
2 980 USD
Alert Stochastic
Nelson Silva
Modification of the Stochastic indicator with several types of alerts added to aid in your search for better opportunities in the market. Product Features Email Alert Sound alert Push Notification (Alerts can be sent to your mobile phone) Signs on chart Alert box Indicator Parameters Push Notification - This option enables your MetaTrader 4 to send alerts to your smartphone (IOS or Android). Email Alert - Configure your alerts to receive in your e-mail adress. SignOnChart - Enable drawing al
30 USD
BB Stop Scanner
Nirav Patel
This indicator helps you to Scan symbols which are in the Market Watch Window (in demo Max 15 Symbol) and filter out trends with alerts. It works based on the most popular indicator "Bollinger Bands" which is used by many traders for trading: When box color changes to " Green " or " Red " color, it indicates you for trend change for long and short entry. And also you will get alerted on screen. When it changes to " Green ", it indicates you that trend is going upwards, and you can take the long
500 USD
Doji Marker Point
Alexander Shienkov
This indicator shows the levels and signal dots of the Doji pattern. The indicator allows traders to easily determine possible location of a price rebound. Doji is a candlestick with Open and Close price equal, or almost equal. It should also have shadows of approximately the same size on both sides. Doji denotes the balance between buyers and sellers, or the absence of major players, or level testing. This pattern can mean both a reversal and a continuation of the trend. Indicator Parameters
48 USD
GND Magic Hedging
Nguyen Dang Giang
Magic Hedging is based on the hedging technique. The Expert Advisor tries to enter the market at the beginning of a trend. If the price moves in the unfavorable direction, Magic Hedging attempts to recover losing trades. It restores loss-making positions and tries to make them profitable by opening an opposite position with an increased lot. This opposite order can have a multiplied lot or a plus lot. Requirements and recommendations Deposit min 10.000$ or optimal cent account Leverage 1:500 S
150 USD
Damascus Dagger
Yu Pang Chan
This Expert Advisor uses scalping as its main strategy based on a statistical model called Bollinger Band. It embedded with two exit market strategies called 1st and 2nd dagger. The 1st dagger exits on the mid line of the band and the 2nd dagger exits by trailing until the maximum profit. It is recommended to use both strategies to lower the risk since it would split the lot into half for each dagger. Recommended: M5/M15, EURAUD/GBPAUD, ECN account Please add the news link (http://ec.forexprosto
2 000 USD
Tequila Sunrise
Thomas Woody
The Tequila Sunrise (TSR) makes “buy” trades on the USDMXN during morning times of high volumes. The EA uses a combination of the Stochastic Oscillator, Force Index, and a price action algorithm across different timeframes to determine whether or not it takes a trade each particular day. Instead of a take profit target, the EA uses an algorithm to determine when to close the trade. It is designed to run on the 5 minute charts on a daily basis. Parameters Magic Number : This is a unique identif
50 USD
Moving Average Trend Signal Panel
Satyam Shivam
Panel is used to show the buy/ sell signal depending on the MA. Panel is used by traders to keep track of trends currently being held in the market. Features This panel uses MOVING AVERAGE CROSSOVER to generate signals. This panel also uses MTF ( MULTIPLE TIME FRAMES ) to define a trend/generate a signal. This panel checks for TWO MOVING AVERAGES on THREE TIMEFRAMES. This panel is Highly Configurable as we can CONFIGURE the MA in EACH TIME FRAMES. Input Parameters TimeFrames: There are thre
100 USD
KFX Support and Resistance modified
Marcel Kirchhof
The indicator will help you find support and resistance levels, increase the number of confirmations for stronger levels. This is not a multi-timeframe indicator that refers to the information from other timeframes. But it allows to show strong levels of support and resistance where the price respects a mark two or more times. How to trade: For smaller timeframes up to M30 I recommend at least 3 confirmations. This filters stronger levels with subsequent strong movements. For larger timeframes o
30 USD
Svyatoslav Kucher
The Roll indicator is designed for finding local extremes and determining the current trend. The indicator is based on the volume and volatility values. Indicator calculation can be modified by activating the Modification parameter and choosing one of the available calculation options from CalcMode . To be able to determine current trend using this indicator, you should increase the value of the OsPeriod parameter and decrease the values of DynamicLevelPeriod and ShiftDynamicLevel . The indicato
35 USD
Controller without limit Demo
Roger Perez Lugo
It can only be used in EURCHF / M15 . The Expert Advisor is a great tool that allows you to control your trade with ease and precision. The tool can be moved in the graphs and offers the following characteristics: Instant order entry with a single click. Entry of pending orders using price tags and trend lines. Instant order closure with a single click. Instant order closure using trend lines as output levels that the broker can not see. We can modify the way to enter and exit the market, allo
MT Scanner
Nirav Patel
This indicator helps you to Scan symbols which are in the Market Watch Window  and filter out trends with alerts. It works based on the effective indicator "SUPERTREND" which is used by many traders for trading: When box color changes to " Green " or " Red " color, it indicates you for trend change for long and short entry. And also you will get alerted on screen. When it changes to " Green ", it indicates you that trend is going upwards, and you can take the long entry. If the color changes to
500 USD
Skynet Parabolic
Roman Yablonskiy
This indicator displays the entry points for buying and selling, with additional push notifications. It is based on the classic Parabolic SAR indicator, price smoothing model and certain mathematical methods for a greater variability in finding market entry points. Advantages Fewer wrong entries compared to the use of classic breakout and trend confirmation indicators. Signals are not redrawn. A large number of customizable parameters. Visualization of the bullish and bearish trend. Used for i
40 USD
EA Cypress
Oleg Pavlenko
EA Cypress is an expert Advisor for the EURUSD pair, which allows you to trade in a fully automatic mode, as well as to accompany orders opened by the user. To do this, the chart has buttons for switching modes and opening and closing orders. Recommended timeframe is M5 . It enters the market based on the RSI and Stochastic indicators. Works market Buy and Sell . It is not provided to work with all the funds, but to leave part of the funds in reserve. When the Show Signal Arrows parameter is ena
99 USD
Three simple lines
Valeriy Medvedev
This is an individual tool for analyzing the market situation. It is very simple to use. After attaching the indicator to the chart, you will see three vertical lines named "VLine 1", "VLine 2" and "VLine 3", following in this order from left to right. For the utility to operate correctly, this sequence should always be observed. Please note: at the first start, the lines are not bound to specific price levels on the chart. This should be done by user in accordance with the following rule: if li
33 USD
Advanced Info Displayer mt4
Massimiliano Pirola
Would you like to have statistics about your trades displayed while you operate? Have you a solid understanding of the symbol you are trading? Do you really know everything you need to about your trading account? Do you need to keep an eye on the local times around the world? Advanced Info Displayer answers to all that. It is the ultimate tool to know all sort of useful information and hidden or hard to find data. It is important if you are serious about trading and you value statistics and mat
49 USD
Linear Trend
Svyatoslav Kucher
Determining the current trend is one of the most important tasks for a trader regardless of their trading style. Linear Trend can help you with this task. Linear Trend is a trend determining indicator, which uses an original calculation algorithm. The indicator is suitable for any currency pair and timeframe. It does not change its readings. The product applies three methods selected by a certain parameter and an additional modification of results. Due to the variety of settings and filters, the
35 USD
Index Hub
Sergey Lisnyak
Index Hub is designed for creating multi-currency indicators using up to 14 currency pairs and any of 6 indicators: Stochastic, WPR, RVI, RSI, Force and CCI. An example with three pairs and the CCI indicator: CCI(USDCAD)+CCI(USDJPY)+CCI(USDCHF) / 3 = CCI(Index Hub). Application Index Hub is suitable for the following types of trading: basket trading, scalping and arbitrage strategies. For example, if you need to use Stochastic for scalping purposes, set two indicators on EURUSD with currencies
99 USD
Climbing Grids
Aleh Rabtsau
This Expert Advisor features a brand-new grid mechanism, confidently trading at moderate risks. The EA increases the lot size only every 5 orders, significantly reducing the possible drawdown. In the settings, you can specify the lost size for each order, the step multiplier, the take profit multiplier, stop loss, and also specify if orders should be opened and closed by bars or by ticks. The robot has two tactics. The first one is aggressive and trades in both directions simultaneously, the sec
30 USD
EFW Pattern Trader MT4
Young Ho Seo
EFW Pattern Trader is a Powerful Pattern Scanner for your trading. The main pattern detection methods in this software follows the principle of Equilibrium Fractal Wave (EFW Notation using shape ratio and propagation ratio, original concept created by Young Ho, Seo). Therefore, our EFW Pattern Trader provides an effective pattern detection algorithm. Any patterns in EFW Pattern Trader can be backtested visually in your strategy tester. Visual backtesting with pattern will show you how pattern wi
100 USD
Bollinger with WPR scalper
Alexander Nikolaev
The Expert Advisor trades based on Bollinger bands and Williams` Percent Range. It also uses other indicators. It can perform a lot of trades, so you don't need to wait for new positions (with appropriate settings and with the H1 timeframe). The EA has the trailing stop and stop loss calculation functions depending on the currency pair movement strength. The EA can be used on any currency pairs and timeframes from M5 to D1. Do not forget to optimize parameters.‌‌ Input Values Lots - lot size (
40 USD
Reversal 4 Signal
Reda Hadhod
The indicator displays market entry arrows based on RSI, MFI, DeMarker, CCI and Multi Stochastic. Inputs period — values of all indicators used. Enable_Alert — audio and text notifications on a trend change. Send_Notifications — push notifications to mobile devices. E-mail alert — email notifications. Make sure to configure email parameters in the terminal settings. Features The indicator does not repaint. The indicator does not recalculate. The indicator works on all timeframes. The indicat
99 USD
Engulfing Of Sparta Indicator
Suriya Thammalungka
A trend reversal indicator based on the Candlestick Pattern. A candlestick pattern is a movement in prices shown graphically on a candlestick chart that trader can predict a particular market movement. Engulfing Pattern: A reversal pattern that can be bearish or bullish, depending upon whether it appears at the end of an uptrend (bearish engulfing pattern) or a downtrend (bullish engulfing pattern). The Engulfing Of Sparta indicator is an improved variant of the Candlestick Pattern, which shows
39 USD
Iurii Tokman
This indicator represents a trading strategy. It is based on 3 standard indicators: two moving averages (MA) and the Relative strength index (RSI). Indicator signals are generated when the moving averages intersect, while the RSI indicator is located relative to level 50. If the fast moving average is above the slow moving average while the RSI indicator is above 50, open a buy order. If the fast moving average is below the slow moving average while the RSI indicator is below 50, open a sell ord
87 USD
Evgeniy Zhdan
The Expert Advisor looks for technical analysis patterns formed on the higher (hourly) timeframe to start working on the 5-minute chart. Technical analysis patterns used: double top/double bottom, head/shoulders, flag, expanding/narrowing triangles. The Relative Vigor Index technical indicator is used as the filter for opening deals. It is based on the idea that on the bull market the closing price is, as a rule, higher, than the opening price. It is the other way round on the bear market. This
1 090 USD
KFX Candlestick Tendency
Marcel Kirchhof
This is a simple indicator to show if global and local trend directions are the same. It uses two timeframes, a "local" timeframe and a higher order "global" timeframe. The indicator shows price action only and has no lag. It generates a square wave (green line), the output signal is above zero if the price tendency is bullish upward, and below zero for bearish downward tendency. The red line shows the tendency of a higher order timeframe (the global tendency). The idea is to trade long when pri
40 USD
Conditional Stop Loss 4
Andrej Nikitin
This is a utility designed to automatically set the stop loss levels of orders according to the specified condition. Two price levels serve as the condition for setting stop loss: Trigger level - when this level is reached, an order is placed. The stop loss value of an order. Input parameters Order type for execution - type of orders to be processed by the expert. It can either be BUY, SELL or auto-select. Trigger Level Points - level to place an order when reached. Specified in points from th
30 USD
Currency Strength 7
Thushara Dissanayake
The Currency Strength 7 technical indicator is a great tool for identifying the strength of 7 most popular currencies. It analyzes AUD, USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF, CAD and shows their strength on the chart by lines. The most important thing is that it draws more historical data to analyze and get a better understanding about the market movements. The indicator works via Moving Average data and indicates "+" sign for Strong position and "-" sign for Weak position. It works with any timeframe. But it
30 USD
Pavel Krysanov
The main goal of the indicator is to determine the most optimal points of entry and exit from a trade. The indicator consists of three parts. The first one is arrows displaying the most efficient market entry/exit points. The up arrow is a buy signal, the down arrow is a sell one. The indicator contains an analytical analysis algorithm that includes a set of standard indicator readings, as well as a custom algorithm. The second part is data in the upper right corner (works on М1-D1 timeframes) o
59 USD
BG Night Worker
Boris Gulikov
This Expert Advisor is a night scalper. It works at the end of the American session and at the beginning of the Asian session. The working timeframe is M15. It uses standard indicators for market entries and exits. Take profit and a protective stop loss are set for each order. However, orders are most often closed based on indicator signals. See the Comments page for ready .set files for traded currency pairs. The EA has an optional news filter which is based on a news indicator. IMPORTANT : Par
58 USD
The Net Brain eurusd MT4
Anddy Cabrera
What is a Neural Network An Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is an information processing paradigm that is inspired by the way biological nervous systems, such as the brain, process information. The key element of this paradigm is the novel structure of the information processing system. It is composed of a large number of highly interconnected processing elements (neurons) working in unison to solve specific problems. ANNs, like people, learn by example. An ANN is configured for a specific appli
199 USD
Ruslan Jakishev
SymbolAutoChanger MT4 There is also PRO version for MetaTreader5 There is also PRO version for MetaTreader4 This tool allows you to automatically change the chart symbols in a loop. Example: EUR → GBP → JPY → CHF → CAD → AUD → NZD You need only to set up interval in seconds between auto switch. Also, you can choose whether to switch between all symbols provided by your broker or only between symbols available in the Market Watch window. There is also PRO version  has following featuters: Next
35 USD
Genesis Trade
Dmitry Shutov
Background It only needs a small initial deposit. Immunity to the large delay and the size of the spread. ‌ ‌Monitoring of my accounts : https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/mizrael Operation Principle The EA opens orders at modifiable Fibonacci levels. Each subsequent order is opened at a new Fibonacci levels with a volume increased Martingale times. The EA determines the total profit of orders with the same Magic number. If it exceeds the value of Profit , then the orders are closed. Rec
250 USD
Master Pivot
Chantal Sala
The Master Pivot indicator is a very interesting generator of static levels based on historical percentage variation. The levels are completely customizable changing the input numbers. Period can also be modified to select the preferred Time Frame. The color is flexible so you can change color easily, we recommend a red color upper and lower green for a contrarian style, conversely instead for a style follower trend. This indicator used in a confluent way offers some really interesting ideas.
30 USD
EA Aries
Jiabei He
Aries is a fully automated Expert Advisor. A complete trading system including money management, entry strategy, exit strategy, trailing stop loss, condition stop loss and trailing take profit. The historical data were analyzed using variance and multiple regression analysis , which makes the EA trend following and oscillation adapting . Suitable for every currency pair , auto adjusts digits (2, 3, 4 or 5). Automatic adapted stop loss, no fixed stop loss price. The EA knows when to close a trade
411 USD
Andrey Spiridonov
The BinaryFiesta indicator has been developed and adapted specifically for trading short-term binary options. The algorithm of the indicator analyzes numerous factors before generating a signal. The indicator is installed in the conventional way. The indicator consists of an information window, which displays the name of the trading instrument, support and resistance levels, and the signal itself ( BUY , SELL or WAIT ). A signal is accompanied by a sound and a pop-up Alert. Advantages of the i
1 200 USD
Victory Start Signals
Viktoriia Samoilenko
This indicator is designed for trading pending stop orders at the calculated levels. These levels are marked with the names “BUY STOP” and “SELL STOP”, and corresponding price labels. In addition, the indicator informs the user about the preferred trade direction using arrow, as well as other available means of notification, which can be customized. Parameters Type of Calculation - type of calculations: Price Close – based on Close prices. Price High Low – based on High and Low prices; Design
30 USD
RP Trinity
Raffaele Paglietti
The indicator displays potential entry points on a trend, displaying buy level, sell level and golden point which will determine where to get out of the trade or trail your stops. If an entry is detected, the indicator shows and Arrow, either pointing down for Short and up for Long positions. When the golden point is passed during a trade, it will start drawing potential points for trailing, is then up to you how to manage your trade. This indicator has been built for best results on H1 Time fra
65 USD
Trade Click
Oleksii Pidlubnyi
Trade Click is a trading panel allowing you to perform trading operations with one click based on your risk preferences. The panel allows trading any financial instrument and provides options for fast changing of symbols or periods. You can choose to enter a trade and automatically calculate your lot size based on how much of your account you want to risk. You can also set a fixed volume for your trades. Set your desired stop loss and take profit levels in points. The "Close For Symbol" button a
30 USD
Strx Trendline Break and Bounce Trader
Francesco Strappini
🔥 Buy or rent it and request a copy of the Antimartingale EA for free 🔥 Trendline based utility, you design your trendlines or horizontal lines, the EA opens trades for you Possibility to trade on break and/or bounce events Indipendent break and bounce settings Configurable market, stop and limit orders T1T2 Logic to lock profits and minimize losses Trailing Stop Loss Max Spread check Notifies you when your trendlines are crossed No strange trendline name or syntax, you decide the color of tr
199 USD
VSA System Patterns Hunter
Ismail Shehade
If you are using volume spread analysis, whether your are a beginner or an expert, this system will give you a lot of features and help in your analysis. Please watch the video to see all the features. Features With one click you will find all the VSA patterns on your chart . Bars without opening price. Easy to read volume indicator. Bar reader (Bar type - Close type - Volume type - Spread type). Daily and weekly levels (Pivot - Camarilla - Fibo). Very light on the trading platform and moving
250 USD
Trade Full Buttons
Cuong Pham
This product has no input parameters. The product helps you to open and close orders faster, include instant and pending orders. It helps you to open order faster and easier, to make an order you simply click on the button. Buttons List BUY/SELL: to open instant Buy or Sell orders. BUY STOP/BUY LIMIT/SELL STOP/SELL LIMIT: to open pending order. The distance to the current price is "Dis" (below of these buttons). SL/TP: Distance in point far from the current price, to put stop loss and take pro
50 USD
Trade Full Buttons free demo
Cuong Pham
This is a free demo version for USDJPY only. Here is the link to full version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/25912 This product has no input parameters. The product helps you to open and close orders faster, include instant and pending orders. It helps you to open order faster and easier, to make an order you simply click on the button. Buttons List BUY/SELL: to open instant Buy or Sell orders. BUY STOP/BUY LIMIT/SELL STOP/SELL LIMIT: to open pending order. The distance to the current
Mt4 Simulator
Cesar Napoleon Guio Martinez
This tool allows you to simplify some tasks during the trading and you can also test your strategy in the strategy tester. Features You can open and close trades with a single click thanks to the button panel built into the chart. Define the volume, SL and TP in the editable boxes built into the chart. Activate and deactivate a mobile stop loss with a single click. Everything is done directly on the chart. It has a summary table of the opened trades. Parameters MagicNumber : Enter a magic nu
30 USD
Panel of signals EA MT4
Mikhail Mitin
"All in One" Expert Advisor. The EA collects information from different signals (listed below) on the selected timeframes. Each signal has its own weight. The weight of all signals is summed. If the total weight of signals for a timeframe is greater than the minimum weight, a deal is opened. Operation on each selected timeframe is performed independently. After that, the deal is managed according to the Money Management conditions. It can work simultaneously on: up to 6 periods; up to 31 popul
30 USD
Evgeniy Zhdan
The algorithm of this Expert Advisor determines the significant price levels, where the trend often turns into a flat or reverses. Stochastic Oscillator serves as an additional filter of overbought/oversold zones. The EA sets stop loss and take profit after opening an order. The underlying trailing strategy applies a trailing stop. The EA is recommended for simultaneously use on three trading instruments: EURUSD M5, GBPUSD M5, EURCHF M5. Settings: Comment to order - comment to orders. MaxRisk -
900 USD
XCalper Triad MT4
Aecio de Feo Flora Neto
xCalper Triad works as a Target scanner tool. Its algorithm calculates price level areas with high precision and instantly. By default, they are automatically identified and the trader normally sets visual parameters only. Explore a new perspective in price action analysis by adding Triad to your setup and surprise yourself. Main Features Automatic & exclusive Target levels Daily candle representation in all intraday timeframes. Side panel information essential to all traders: Remaining time t
700 USD
Scanner Trend Indy
Suriya Thammalungka
A trend indicator based on the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo and Candlestick. The Scanner Trend Indy is an improved variant of the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo and Candlestick, which shows the moment of trend following quite accurately. It is often used as a signal filter. Combination of two indicators makes a better use of these advantages: Ichimoku Kinko Hyo identifies the trend, while Candlestick determines the short-term movements and signals in the trend direction. Messages/sounds (notifications and sound set
49 USD
GRV system
Roman Gergert
GRV system indicator is a trading strategy based on three indicators. The indicator is quite clear: the up arrow means a buy signal, while the down arrow stands for a sell one. The arrows are not redrawn. The default settings are meant for EURUSD. Signals are relevant for all timeframes. If used properly, the indicator becomes an efficient tool. Telegram channel Parameters Period_MA1, Period_MA2, Period_MA3 - Moving Average periods; MA_Method - Moving Average method (common for all three lines);
10 USD
Butterfly Platinum
Vladimir Gribachev
This Expert Advisor is designed for effective investment management and medium-term trading. Unlike the usual version of Butterfly , it starts working when the minimum required number of High/Low bars are within the specified price range. The strategy is based on the assumption that the market bounces in the opposite direction several times before the big bids are satisfied. Do not use martingale, grid and other high-risk trading strategies similar to overstaying drawdown by keeping unprofitable
50 USD
Haghislam Aloev
The Atlant Expert Advisor is based on combination of two basic indicators (moving average and momentum), available in the MetaTrader 4 terminal. When a buy (sell) signal appears, the EA opens a buy (sell) deal. When a repeated signal appears, the EA opens an additional deal, provided that the first base deal is at a loss. Thus, the EA forms a grid of orders. The volume of the first order and the volume of the newly orders can be customized in the input parameters. Also, the input parameters prov
100 USD
Fibo Reversals
Adeniyi Adedipe
Fibo Reversals is an indicator which has carefully been put together to attempt to indicate a time period in which an ongoing trend is most probably exhausted and a new trend (actually a reversal trend) inadvertently begins. At this, it should be okay for the manual trader to be on the look out for good trading opportunities. Input Settings Father Fibo - Firstly, this value determines the bars input period within which the calculations of the maximum high price and minimum low price is done. S
35 USD
Exclusive Channel on Zig Zag
Evgeny Belyaev
Exclusive Channel on Zig Zag is a channel indicator for the MetaTrader 4 terminal. This indicator plots a channel based on the peaks of the standard ZigZag indicator. If you trade using the ZigZag indicator or channels, then Exclusive Channel on Zig Zag will suit you perfectly. Exclusive Channel on Zig Zag is another product of the Exclusive series: Exclusive Bollinger , Exclusive Arrow , Exclusive Trendline , Exclusive Average , Exclusive Trend . Advantages of Exclusive Channel on Zig Zag The
33 USD
Easy trading with an assistant
Heinz Kappler
The Trading Assistant can apply automatic exits, set pending orders when trading is closed, scale trades and much more. The tool is easy to handle and clear, it works smoothly with one or more orders. Features Scheduling of pending and market order - useful for time based strategies or for preparing an order when the market is closed Automatic stop to break-even point for position protection Independent profit taking by the crossing of two moving averages - ideal for trend strategies Finely ad
30 USD
Roman Lipatov
"LINKER" is an indicator that links any number of windows of the charts it is running on. A synchronized crosshair is also available, toggled by the (Ctrl) key or the (L) button. The visibility of the trade levels can be toggled on each chart separately using the (Shift) key or the (V) button. The buttons and the crosshair have customizable settings and colors. For instance, you need to analyze a trading instrument on different timeframes, for example, on H1, H4 and D1. Doing this in a single ch
15 USD
Syed Naufal Gaddafi
MayaBrand is a scalping EA and combined with grid strategy and price action movement, which includes certain algorithms in order to open or close its trades. Using these strategies, MayaBrand makes its move by monitoring the price movement of the current market and based on the certain price movement criteria, MayaBrand will open or close its trades. MayaBrand will make few or mores trades per week or per month depending on the current price movement of the market. Sometimes you get more trades
30 USD
Reversal Alert Pro
Thushara Dissanayake
The Reversal Alert Pro indicator automatically identifies reversal areas and sends notifications to your mobile device and displays a pop-up alert with sound. You can use this indicator with your own trading strategy to filter trade positions. In additionally CCI, RSI and Stochastic Indicator parameters available for filter the signals. That is the point you need to download this technical indicator. Features Suitable for every time frame Suitable for every symbol Easy parameters Draw fast sig
30 USD
SPD HighLow Pro
Paranchai Tensit
The Expert Advisor is based on technical analysis of high-low candlesticks. This technique can be used to trade volatility in all trading periods and swing trading. The EA compares today's bar with yesterday's one. If today's high is higher than yesterday's high and today's low is higher than yesterday's low, that indicates a buy signal. But on the other hand, it is a sell signal. This system is used to add Average to range (ATR) , Standard deviation (STD) , and Average daily range (ADR) to filt
30 USD
SPD Money Flow Index
Paranchai Tensit
This Expert Advisor is based on the Money Flow Index (MFI) and using a trend-based trading strategy. The Money Flow Index used to evaluate oversold and overbought market conditions. MFI values of 80 and over indicate overbought conditions, meanwhile, values of 20 and below indicate oversold conditions. In addition, if the MFI is below ( Buy_MFIBelow ) and not above the overbought level , it indicates the buy signal. On the other hand, if MFI is above ( Sell_MFIAbove ) and not below the oversold
30 USD
SPD Crocodile
Paranchai Tensit
Algorithm of this system is based on Bill Williams' Alligator indicator . This represents the Jaw, the Teeth and the Lips of the Alligator. It was designed to help confirm that a trend is in effect and in what direction. As with all moving averages, the shortest one (green) moves first, followed by the middle (red) and then longer average (blue). Creator Bill Williams used 13, 8 and 5-period averages, brought forward 8, 5 and 3 periods, respectively. Colors are usually blue, red and green, respe
30 USD
Evgeniy Zhdan
The algorithm of the Expert Advisor determines the angle of the "expanding triangle" pattern and starts working when the price touches one of the triangle's sides. The trades are filtered by the delay characteristic of the RSI indicator. After opening a deal, the EA sets the mandatory take profit and stop loss and manages the deal it with a tight trailing stop. The Max Spread parameter sets the maximum spread, exceeding which (by spread expansion) will prevent opening deals. The default settings
450 USD
Telegram Notify
Kin Hang Tan
Notify Telegram is a utility that bridge your MetaTrader4 trading activities to your Telegram chat/channel. It will help you to monitor your MetaTrader4 actions such as placing trade, modifying order's TP/SL, closing trades etc and send a notification message to your dedicated Telegram chat/channel. It does not execute any trade on your MetaTrader4 account. It can be useful for monitoring EA performance or providing signal to your Telegram channel/group subscribed. Parameters Token ="" - enter
250 USD
ICloud Scalper Trend Indy
Suriya Thammalungka
A trend indicator based on the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo and MACD. The ICloud Scalper Trend Indy is an improved variant of the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo and MACD, which shows the moment of trend following quite accurately. It is often used as a signal filter. Combination of two indicators makes a better use of these advantages: Ichimoku Kinko Hyo identifies the trend, while MACD determines the short-term movements and signals in the trend direction. Messages/Sounds (Notifications and sound settings) ON/OFF
39 USD
Trend Tracker for multi pairs and timeframes
Dorian Baranes
This indicator analyzes in parallel the moving average for multiple currencies and timeframes. It sends a notification when the trends are in alignment for all timeframes. To get better assessment of the trend strength, it shows as well a ratio between the number of pips reached from the current trend and the average of pips reached from the previous trends. Features Loads automatically historical price data from broker server; Tracks all currency pairs for all timeframes in parallel; Configur
30 USD
Projected Volatility Distribution
Tsvetan Tsvetanov
This indicator is using the Central Limit Theorem in combination with historical volatility and Fibonacci ratios in order to create unique type of chart tool called Projected Volatility Distribution. This tool allows you to perform highly accurate intraday technical analysis where in a split second you can detect overbought and oversold conditions as well as strong trends. In addition you have at your disposal multi-functional panel which shows signals in real time and gives you the ability to o
49 USD
Digital Bee
Aleh Rabtsau
The EA works on the Envelopes indicator. When the price exits the channel and returns, orders are opened and then closed at the intersection of the maximum and minimum lines of the indicator. The EA uses two take profits, stop loss, auto lot and other settings that allow you to customize the robot to your needs. We recommend a deposit of 50 USD on a cent account, currency pair GBPUSD, leverage at least 1:500, timeframe H1 (or higher). The EA is able to work on any currency pairs, as well as on s
30 USD
MMM RVI and Moving Average
Andre Tavares
The strategy is based on RVI oscillation to check the prices trend and direction and check the moving avarages (Open Price and Low Price) to decide about the viability of opening any order. Market is very unpredictable due to economic news published every hour, but our EAs are really prepared for such hostility due to its protections. This Expert Advisor is provided with two kinds of indicators: an oscilator (RVI) in order to check the prices oscillation limit pattern and direction trend; two Mo
130 USD
Skynet Moving Average
Roman Yablonskiy
This indicator displays the trend direction, the averaged price value and flat areas. It is used to determine the averaged price value with little or no delay. During a flat, its line is often smooth, and it follows the trend during a descending or an ascending movement. The best charts for the indicator are the range\renko charts, which do not have rounded borders of price changes. Various types of moving averages and certain types of digital filters were used as a prototype. Compared to variou
30 USD
Elbrus way
Dmitry Shutov
Background It only needs a small initial deposit. Suitable for multi-currency trading. Immunity to the large delay and the size of the spread. ‌ ‌Monitoring of my accounts : https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/mizrael Operation Principle The EA trades within a modifiable channel. Depending on the market situation, the EA works using a long-term, short-term strategy or both. Closing is done by averaging a number of profitable and loss-making orders, regardless of the strategy currently in us
1 000 USD

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