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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 164

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Trend Thyrogen
Maryna Shulzhenko
Trend Thyrogen is a trend trading strategy, filtering and all the necessary features built into one tool! Intelligent indicator algorithm with generates input signals and output levels. The principle of operation of the indicator is to automatically determine the current state of the market when placed on a chart, analyze historical data based on historical data and display instructions for further actions on the trader's screen. The system itself shows in the form of arrows when to buy and w
99 USD
Tolulade Oluwaseun Akinyemi
GBPUSD 15MINS The Expert Advisor is based on Simple Moving Average. We are going back to the basics, leaving complexity behind The EA independently determines the direction of the trend Safety and profit rolled into one.   Minimum deposit 500 $ (USE ONLY GBPUSD) • Broker with minimal slippage. • Minimum spread from 0 pips • Leverage 1: 500 or higher Recommended pairs for trading Working pairs GBPUSD      Timeframe M15
250 USD
Pip Professional
Yaroslav Varankin
Pip Professional is a reliable advisor works on a new algorithm has 3 filters uses MA to determine the trend recommendation Spread Max upon reaching the specified number of transactions will not be opened Slipage slippage deviation from the price at the moment of opening an order TakeProfit 40 Stoploss 35 Lots of transaction amount 0.1 Timeframe From M1-D1 currency pair GBPUSD / EURUSD and others. You can test the tool, check it in the tester with different conditions the tool
450 USD
Signal Copy Multiplier automatically copies trades on the same account, for example, to get a better entry and adjusted volume on a subscribed signal. MT4-Version:  https://www.mql5.com/de/market/product/67412 MT5-Version:  https://www.mql5.com/de/market/product/67415 You have found a good signal, but the volume of the provider's trades is too small? With Signal Copy Multiplier you have the possibility to copy trades from any source (Expert Advisor, Signal, manual trades) and change the volume o
35 USD
Boost Trading System
Sebastian Alejandro Merino Sepulveda
Binary & Forex (+ 90% Ratio-Win Next Candle) Wait for the price to reach a good (strong) zone be it support, resistance, supply or demand zone, fibonacci level key, round figure. By doing the above there will definitely be a reversal in price and you will get your ITM on the first candle giving 100% effectiveness following the trend. It is very important to be attentive to the fundamental news in the market and these do not affect your trading. Commercial sessions: any (24 hours). Currency
300 USD
https://youtu.be/hHAqablsCW4 Трендовый / контр-трендовый индикатор МТ4, дающий точные сигналы для входа в сделки. Работает без перерисовки и запаздываний! Идеальные точки входа в сделки для     валют, крипты, металлов, акций, индексов . Работает на любом таймфрейме! Что бы открыть сделку нужно дождаться когда наш индикатор покажет нам наш паттерн. После чего мы ждем пробитие этого паттерна в одну или другую сторону. После пробития нашего паттерна мы ждем БЗ - Бар защиты. Бар защиты
99 USD
Do you ever wish to know when there is volatility in the market at a glance and specifically displayed on your chart? This is what  Volatility PRO Advantage offers. How Volatility PRO Advantage works Firstly, Volatility PRO Advantage does not use lagging averaging techniques; therefore, the signals are produced at the right time, giving you enough time to plan your entry, exit, or stop loss trailing.   Another important part is that it checks for the strength of a pair and uses it to detect e
30 USD
EA Mrk Full
Dmitriy Susloparov
EA Mrk Full The Expert Advisor uses all the good practices from previous versions, but here it is applied a completely different approach to the formation of trading signals. Based on a paradigm "following the market", when instead of trying to forecast a trend change is determined post factum. In addition, the newly developed adaptive trailing technology is used to manage pending orders when the order position changes depending on the situation. This allows you to protect the pending order
100 USD
Siboniso Maxwell Mvelase
Eden Expert Advisor is based on two strategies working one with each other . One strategy uses limit orders with small stops and high profit target  and the second strategy uses market orders with small profits , placed at the peaks or bottoms of the price movements . First strategy places the limit orders at most probable return points of the price and then it rides the trend until the profit target is achieved .It also has a built-in Breakeven function in case the price returns and goes towar
49 USD
Powerful Price Action Engulfing Doji Robot MT4 version Package Contains: (Price includes both versions) SET files in Comment section. 1. Powerful Price Action EA Advanced Version with NomadTrader Money Management System: --Full EA with all adjustable settings and parameters to tweak or optimize. --It uses the NomadTrader Money Management system with Dynamic exit strategy based on Price %(percent) based Stop loss, Take Profit and Adjustable Time Filter to 1 minute preciseness, all parameters
599 USD
Make Use
Maryna Shulzhenko
The Make Use trend indicator copes with the main task of trading: to find an entry point to the market at the moment of trend initiation and an exit point at the moment of its completion. A stable movement of quotations in a certain direction is called a trend in trading. In this case, the movement itself can be downward, upward or sideways, when the market movement does not have a pronounced direction. The Make Use trend indicator is important for identifying trends in financial markets. Howev
67 USD
BazeZone MT4
Stefan Van Dockum
Baze Zone is a configurable combination of tools/levels (MT5 version also available at MT5 section) : - Fib levels, 14, 23,50 - Fib Extension 27,61 - Pivot Points - Adds boxes to indicate range 'breakout' - ATR Range  - Prev Daily Candle Range - Shortcut keys to hide/show the lines (configurable) In short, use this tool to add some extra zones to you fib tool. And use the extra's in combination with the shortcut keys to keep your chart clean. You can drag the lines for the Fib Levels. The name
34 USD
ForexBob Swing Catcher :- Is an ultimale and simple to use indicator for all traders type. It consist of various filters and Moving Average to make it familier to traders and easy to use. It changes color from Blue to Red & Red to Blue on default settings for entering buy n sell trades with tested efficiency of 90-95% on higher time frames >= H1. Inputs :  Moving Average period 50,100 or 150 depend on trader's need. MA method 0 for Simple Moving Average, Default setting is 1 (EMA - Exponential
30 USD
Linear Magic Bot
30 USD
Deviation trend indicator
5 (1)
Indicator of trend deviation with a static level. The deviation coefficient is set for the trend histogram. Signals are the intersection of the level trend histogram in the direction of the trend or during a trend reversal - the option is selected in the indicator settings by the "Revers" parameter. There are all the necessary settings for the design of the indication and sending messages to mail or a mobile terminal. All input parameters have an intuitive name. Analog for MT5: https://www.mql5
30 USD
目前全额购买折扣中 ! 任何交易者的最佳伙伴! 该指标具有独有的支撑阻力计算方案,是独一无二的交易系统  。 指标特性 想象一下,如果您能提前精确的判断出重要的交易支撑阻力区域以及点位, 您的交易将如何改善?基于独特的计算方式,我们可以看到波段走势中清晰的支撑和阻力。将过去重要的支撑阻力区域经过独特的计算,将关键位置在图表中显示. 本指标支持周期设置,可以设置其他周期.  大周期重要支撑阻力,以及小周期辅助判断可以在同一图表中完成. 基本显示 显示支撑阻力的价格标签。 显示实时的支撑和阻力。 显示历史的支撑和阻力. 基本设置 设置支撑阻力计算的周期。 警报设置 接近报警 碰触报警 报警弹窗 报警邮件发送 发送推送警报 颜色设定 可以设置不用的实时支撑阻力颜色 可以设置不用的历史支撑阻力颜色 可以设置价格标签颜色 可以点击价格标签或者点击显示区域改变区域填充方式 任何问题,相互交流
88 USD
Ivan Simonika
The Traject EA can be used on most of the available trading instruments and is distinguished by a small number of settings and easy installation. Does not use dangerous trading methods in trading that lead to a sharp loss of the entire deposit (martingale, grid, arbitrage, etc.). It is a fully automated expert system. Uses the minimum of settings. Basic properties SpreadLimit - helps the bot not to enter the market if the spread is too large. Also stops are used for each order and each order
770 USD
EA Izitrade Pro MT4
Maksim Zaiarnyi
5 (1)
I am glad to welcome you to the   IZITRADE Pro   advisor page. The EA trades on EURUSD, GPBUSD, USDCAD, AUDUSD and other currency pairs with a small spread on the 5th timeframe. The Expert Advisor can work with any amount of funds, however, I recommend having a reserve of 2000 USD per currency pair. Stochastic indicator and MA are used to find market entry points. On the panel and robot settings, you can select the direction of trade (only Buy, or only Sell). Link to the telegram channel of the
75 USD
Bagheri AUDUSD
Mohammad Elyas Qaderi
This EA provides trades with 76% success ratio. The EA optimized on XM Global broker and works on 1 min AUDUSD chart. For using this EA you must have 200 EUR account balance to have maximum 5% risk in trades. If you have bigger account or want more risk, you should keep the same ratio between amount for new position, maximum position amount and amount to add on addition. For example default amounts are: amount for new position = 0.01 lot maximum position amount = 0.07 lot amount to add on additi
30 USD
Simplify MT4
Tomas Michalek
Trading has never been easier. Simplify makes trading effordless. Your only work here is to buy it, attach to the   EURUSD on H1 , set your risk and wait for results. Strategy was developed by genetic algorithms and of course tested by advanced  robustness tests  and delivered to you. It is great addon to your portfolio or as standalone strategy. Benefits for you Amazing   Plug & Play system  - studying configuration and finding the best optimization is history. This work is included in the p
130 USD
THE Daily breakout
Mr Valentin Michel Draperi
THE DAILY BREAKOUT  The simple and efficient way. ️ No martingale ️ No Grid system ️ No overcrowded charts     I recommend pairs with low spread such as  EUR/USD  or  AUD/USD.    THE  Daily BreakOut   work well too on indices such as   SP500   or   CAC40.   You should be using  EA Daily BreakOut  on a   daily timeframe   but is suitable for other   TF   as well with the right settings. HOW IT WORKS   First of all this EA is based on the daily breakout which means that as soon as
35 USD
Legend Trend
Andriy Sydoruk
The intelligent algorithm of the Legend Trend indicator accurately shows the points of potential market reversal. The indicator tracks the market trend, ignoring sharp market fluctuations and noise around the average price. Implements a kind of technical analysis based on the idea that the market is cyclical in nature. This is a pointer indicator. It catches the trend and shows favorable moments of entering the market with arrows. A strategy for trading with the trend, filtering market noise
67 USD
The Trend Champion indicator works on all timeframes and currency pairs. The indicator should be used as an auxiliary tool for technical analysis, it helps to determine the direction of the trend: either upward or downward price movement for a particular currency pair. Can be used along with oscillators as filters. Trend Champion is a trend indicator. Arrows indicate favorable moments and directions for entering the market. The indicator can be used both for pipsing on small periods and for l
148 USD
Bagheri EURUSD
Mohammad Elyas Qaderi
<< NEW DETAILS FOR LATEST VERSION ON OUR INSTAGRAM PAGE >>   Instagram :  https://instagram.com/bagheri_ig This EA provides trades with 78% success ratio. The EA optimized on XM Global broker and works on 1 min EURUSD chart. For using this EA you must have 200 EUR account balance to have maximum 5% risk in trades. If you have bigger account or want more risk, you should keep the same ratio between amount for new position, maximum position amount and amount to add on addition. For example defau
30 USD
Accurate Swing
Sutthichai Mungdee
This indicator just display a single base line. Calculation is just simple base on DOW Theory. user can custom color of the line and can display "Buy" and "Sell" for the signal. This indicator can detect swings in the direction of the trend and also reversal swings. it is very easy to catch the trend and open position. user can used the base line as a "Stop Loss" level.
70 USD
Fibo Engulfing MA TS Indie
Opengates Success International
Fibo_Engulfing_Trading_System Fibo_Engulfing_Trading_System is a great indicator created to locate an engulfing candle on the Chart with the aid of an Arrow and Popup alerts system. For accurate working of an engulfing candle based on market structure, it must be used with an Moving Average but we discovered that Moving average is subjected to individual trader's preferences, therefore it has been coded in a way that the Trader can choose MA he/she desires with a preferred PERIOD, SHIFT, METH
65 USD
Maryna Shulzhenko
BitTerraCoin is a unique trading system! It goes through the entire history and all currency pairs with one single setting. Works using sharp tick movements. Recommendations for working with a scalpel: It is recommended to work on liquid Forex pairs with a low spread. The lower the commission and the spread, the greater the profit. You can start using it with $ 100 and 0.01 lot. You can work on any hourly period, on any currency pair and on the server of any broker. Details: The MaxSpread p
499 USD
Sense Pro
Eduard Serousov
Sense Pro   - a highly customizable Expert Advisor for MetaTrader terminals that uses a grid trading algorithm. It works simultaneously in 2 directions: along the trend and against the trend. Trading in the direction of the trend works on the principle of closing profitable positions using Take Profit or Trailing Stop (configurable in the settings). Trading in the direction against the trend works by opening averaging orders to close losing positions at a profit. The EA has a wide range of se
150 USD
The Something Powerful Expert Advisor is designed for trading on any instrument. It is preferable to test the EA with a broker with five-digit quotes, or even better on the MetaQuotes-Demo server. It is recommended to work on liquid Forex pairs with a low spread and use VPS. You can start using it with $ 100 and 0.01 lot. This development is a scalping system. The bot shows excellent results, which can be seen in the screenshots. You can download Something Powerful for free to download and te
666 USD
Vitalii Zakharuk
The uniqueness of the Nivelir expert is that it can be run on any hourly period, on any currency pair and on the server of any broker. This makes the Expert Advisor quite attractive to use for trading. The EA works using sharp tick movements, traverses the entire history and all currency pairs with a single setting. It is recommended to work on liquid Forex pairs with a low spread. The lower the commission and the spread, the greater the profit. You can start using it with $ 100 and 0.01 lot.
599 USD
Roberto Sau
Here's the   LITE   version of the   CURVE BASIC   EA! Easier, cheaper, but no less powerful! BACKTEST NOW! (or see backtest sreenshots below,  last update:  30/4/2021 ) ( How to backtest any system correctly ) (You can find CURVE BASIC HERE:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/60487  ) LIVE SIGNAL :  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/995254 CURVE   is a honest, secure and automated algorithm for generation of daily profits on Forex Market.  With its fully automatic architecture, CURVE
140 USD
Utiliy for pattern 123 - это торговая панель для тех кто торгует по одному из самых известных паттернов Price action 123. После того как вы идентифицировали на графике паттерн 123, воспользуйтесь утилитой с помощью которой ордера можно выставить используя таблицу, или нанеся на график сетку Фибоначчи. В случае использования таблицы значения нужно внести вручную, а именно: Open price - это цена по которой будут открыты ордера, всего выставляется 3 ордера. Цена открытия устанавливается на пробой в
60 USD
The indicator plots "round" levels, the step of which is specified in the settings. Perfect as an addition to any trading systems. Very low price - only $ 30! Round levels often become price support or resistance. MT4-version:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/67255 This allows you to either fix a profit, or open a position after a breakdown of the level, work towards a rebound in price. Support:   https://www.mql5.com/en/channels/TrendHunter The indicator will be an excellent too
30 USD
Super Hedge Fighter EA
Very Important: Please Adjust the "Distance between orders" .. Lower them to get good results. From 2 to 10 onwards Trading in Forex and volatile markets can be very tricky and risky. Almost all strategies wont work as you wish 100% of the time! With our new expert advisor : "Super Hedge Fighter EA" you will see the market from a new angle! You will never fear volatility , as it will be your source of income :) Super Hedge Fighter EA is a unique expert that is specialized for in-stable
800 USD
Btc Usd Master
Yaroslav Varankin
Indicator for trading exclusively BTC USD on timeframes from M1 You can close both by take profit and from signal to signal Complete absence of redrawing Confident and reliable signals The accuracy and quality of this tool when using, everyone will understand what it is about Signals to buy and sell arrows in the corresponding direction and color The tool is really worth attention and is easy to use, all parameters are already configured Distance Price Recommended 4 or 5
700 USD
King Box AVG
Nguyen Cong Hoan
Products based on trend to enter orders. The bot will grid when it is profitable. We have tralling to minimize risk. If enough profit is reached, the order will be closed. With a decreasing number of lots to optimize profits without fear of DD dropping too high. Run the M15 or H1 timeframe pairs. BOT EA works on all currency pairs including XAUUSD The main parameters can be installed: Lot -  Startot . Fix lot -  Lot descending Auto-Grid   -    ON/OFF AutoLot  - ON/OFF TP - Takeprofit   -pips. SL
199 USD
Track all your operations in a single glance! Simple, useful, lite, cheap. That's the way we like it! Mt4 ProgressBar allows you to have, with a single glance at the PC screen, a clear and intuitive idea of ​​the current evolution of each single open operation. We know how important it is to quickly understand your global trading position , and we know how often it is difficult having only the simple view of the open trades that metatrader offers us. Mt4 ProgressBar , in addition to providin
39 USD
FX Adjutant MT4
Mathias Sebastian Kron
FX Adjutant MT4 Based on Price Action Signals Can be attached to any Timeframe Trades frequently (depending on Timeframe) makes profit every month Adjusts position Size accordingly to the risk you want to take Recommended Account Type: ECN or Raw Spread (Brokers: ICMarkets Raw Spread or Roboforex ECN) Recommended Leaverage: 500:1 Recommended Account Size: 2000 €/$ (min. Account Size: 1000 €/$)
149 USD
Trend Privacy
Tatiana Savkevych
The Trend Privacy indicator is easy to set up and works on all pairs and all time frames. Identifies the mainstream and helps analyze the market at a selected time frame It is extremely important for any trader to correctly determine the direction and strength of the trend movement. Unfortunately, there is no single correct solution to this problem. Many traders trade on different time frames. For this reason, the received signals are perceived subjectively. Trend indicators provide an opport
99 USD
Yvan Musatov
Introducing the Diogenes trend indicator! The indicator analyzes market dynamics for pivot points. Shows favorable moments for entering the market in stripes. The principle of operation of the indicator is to automatically determine the current state of the market when placed on a chart. Ready-made trading system. Can be used as a channel indicator or level indicator! This indicator allows you to analyze historical data and, based on them, display instructions for the trader for further actio
127 USD
Channel Oscillations is a non-redrawing channel indicator based on moving averages. The key difference between the Channel Oscillations indicator and other channel indicators is that Channel Oscillations does not take into account simple moving averages, but double-smoothed ones, which, on the one hand, makes it possible to more clearly determine the market movement, and on the other hand, makes the indicator less sensitive.
77 USD
Purpose Trend
Maryna Shulzhenko
Purpose Trend - analyzes the current trend gives an excellent understanding of which direction the market is aimed at, at what point it should be expected in the near future. Unfortunately, most of the popular indicators in practice give a huge number of false signals, since they all work without any consideration of global trends. That is why in today's conditions, when the market is far from stable price movement, it is almost impossible to build a strategy without using trend indicators. H
119 USD
ADM Multiframe
Dmitriy Susloparov
ADM Oscillator Multiframe Unlike the classic indicator " Average Direction Movement index ", this indicator shows directly the difference between the +DI and -DI values. When +DI is greater than -DI results above zero and vice versa. This is more visual and, in addition, allows you to clearly see the interaction of indicator readings for different timeframes. It also uses a proprietary technology that allows you to see different timeframes simultaneously on a single time scale. For example, f
35 USD
Ivan Simonika
Splitter is a trend indicator used in the Forex markets. Sharp price fluctuations are ignored, as well as noise around average prices. Signal points, where the color changes, can be used as potential market reversal points. The advantage of the indicator is its simplicity of settings and a call to action. The graph is presented in the form of blue and red histograms. Red bars indicate a buy signal, blue bars - a sell signal. The graph is not redrawn in the process of work. The indicator is su
59 USD
Piko Trend
Vitalii Zakharuk
The Piko Trend indicator can be used both for pipsing on small periods and for long-term trading. Works on all currency pairs and on all timeframes. The Piko Trend indicator shows signals for entry. Displays both entry points and the trend itself. Shows statistically calculated times to enter the market with arrows. Using the indicator, you can optimally distribute the risk coefficient. Using the indicator. Uses all one parameter for settings. When choosing a parameter, it is necessary to vis
129 USD
Average Profit
Aleksei Andarzhanov
Индикатор Average Profit будет полезен скальперам, локерам, поклонникам Мартингейла, а также тем, кто открывает много сделок в течении дня. Посмотрите видео внизу, там подробно показана работа этого информационного индикатора. Индикатор показывает уровень безубытка по нескольким ордерам, а также показывает прибыль или убытки на разных ценовых значениях. Есть возможность показа на графике ранее закрытых ордеров, как в тестере стратегий. Индикатор ATR DAY показывает средний дневной диапазон движен
30 USD
Sergei Ozerov
A-xell is a   trading system based on a complex mathematical model that generates signals for opening deals. The strategy is based on changing the current time series of quotes by reading the patterns in it. The EA transforms a series of prices using the   Wavelet   algorithm to find patterns in frequencies and amplitudes. The EA opens one deal in a certain direction and places virtual Stop Loss and Take Profit, and also uses forced closing of orders when a situation occurs when the movemen
199 USD
Jean Francois Le Bas
4 (1)
9 out of 10 copies left at $100 after that price will double ($200) ! so hurry This indicator is a mean-reversal type of indicator. Meaning it will not follow a trend but rather make profit from a change in price direction, when the price extends from it mean, but to come back to it later on. This indicator is 100% NON REPAINT and will not redraw its arrows once they appear. Each arrow is drawn at the close of the candle, not during the life of the candle. No parameters, only alert parameters.
100 USD
Chinetti pip collector XL is a complete turnkey trading system. If a trader does not yet have his own trading system, he can apply Chinetti pip collector XL to trading. Trading with this indicator is very easy. Even a beginner in Forex can handle it. Trading rules: wait for the indicator to start drawing a blue line. This means that the price trend is starting now. Now we are waiting for the indicator to analyze the market and draw an up arrow on the chart. At this point, we open a buy order.
69 USD
FIC PL Break Even helps you manage your money by trading Having multiple positions makes it difficult to keep track of their profit and loss when they reach any level of price. FIC PL Break Even supports your trading by indicating “Profit - Loss” and “Break even”. Please refer to  https://www.funda-prime.com/fic-pl-breakeven-mt4-via-mql5 Click here for other products not sold in MQL5 https://www.funda-prime.com/product/ ---------- Confirmed Aaccount currency is USD / JPY / EUR Swaps and fee
89 USD
Find MT4
Yuniesky Carralero Cuellar
Top indicator for MT4 that scans all the Assets in your Market Watch and opens, in a new window, those that match your search parameters. It can be applied to any Financial Asset: Currencies, Cryptocurrencies, Indices, Commodities, Stocks, Bonds, ETFs and Metals. Most of the traders improved their trading results during the first trading week with the help of this indicator. MT5 version is here. Benefits of the indicator SIMPLE! 1. F7 key - Parameters // 2. F5 key - Search // 3. SHIFT key
50 USD
Market Shaver
Remi Passanello
Market Shaver   Market Scalper This indicator is part of the   RPTrade Pro Solutions  systems. Market Scalper  is a daily trend indicator using Price Action, Dynamic Support and Resistances. It's designed to be used by anyone, even the absolute beginner in trading can use it. NEVER repaints . Indications are given  from close to close . Designed to  be used alone , no other indicators are required. Gives you Clear and simple indications How does it work Market Shaver  is using Dual Ti
240 USD
Данный индикатор облегчает торговлю трейдеру использующему в торговле ценовые уровни вчерашней торговой сессии и окрытие сегодняшней торговой сессии  показывая на графике вчерашние ценовые уровни High/low  и цену Open текущего дня,подходит для всех торгуемых инструметов ,а так же для криптовалют , индикатор мульти таймфреймовый  что делает его универсальным и применимым ко всем инструментам вашего брокера , касание дневных уровней вы можете использовать в вашей торговле как внутри дня так и в бо
30 USD
In this library there is embedded a function called newsAlertFTMO; this function returns a datetime value of the next news date (FTMO Restricted Event) for the specific currency selected (or 0 if there is no Restricted Event news found). With this library and the following integration code you can disable the EA during that news(with a buffer of 2 minutes before and after the news release). Here an example of how to import from the library: #import “News Scraping FTMO.ex4" datetime newsAlertFTM
39 USD
Just Keep CALM and Trade SMART This EA is only for serious traders, who wants really robust strategy for longterm and sustainable profits.  Strategy uses MACD direction change for finding trading opportunities. It is fully automatic and doesn't require any action from you. Just attach it to the   EURUSD H1   chart and let this EA works for you. This EA has passed   9 robustness tests , indicating a quality strategy. Benefits for you Plug & Play system  - just attach to the chart, configure yo
130 USD
Индикатор помогает трейдеру видеть сильные торговые уровни поддержки- сопротивления от которых цена меняет направление движения ,и облегчает процесс принятия решения в торговле делая её более прибыльной,работает на всех таймфреймах, лёгок в использовании, гибкость настроек под индивидуальность стратегии ,настройка основных и второстепенных уровней поддержки,сопротивления по толщине и цвету,не затрудняет работу компьютера и терминала,применим ко всем торговым инструментам имеющимся в перечне торг
30 USD
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
Indicator shows the hourly, 4-hour, Daily, Weekly and Monthly support and resistance zones on the chart you choose. Even if the time frame of the chart changes, the support and resistance zones will continue to be unchanged. It is an indicator that should be kept on the chart of manual trades and shows them the support and resistance zones in the upper time frames.
30 USD
Aero Trailed EA
Vratislav Tukal
This EA using one of the six algorithms (MA, Fractals, SAR, ATR, Movement of Candlesticks, and Points) to catch the best Take profit and two MAs to enter the trade. You can specify a breakeven level to move stop loss of your opened positions. You can filter opened positions by Magic Number. Works on any timeframe and any pair. Base setup is ideal for EURUSD, AUDUSD, GBPUSD on M15 timeframe with 500 USD Deposit. Settings ________SETUP_FOR_ENTER_____ MA Timeframe - timeframe for MAs enter MA 1 P
99 USD
Run the script with your selected timeframe and template to apply it to all the symbols available in your Market Watch window. Select the symbols you wish to trade from your Market Watch window. Run the script on any one chart with your selected time frame and template. Press "OK" and all your selected symbols will load with the selected timeframe and template.
30 USD
This indicator allows you to view multiple timeframes at the same time on the same chart. It will save you time. No need to switch from timeframe to timeframe.  You can see all that is happening in each timeframe on the same chart. Customizable bars to view Customizable bars to Timeframes to view  Customizable bars colors Timeframe views are - M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1, and MN
30 USD
My Strategy Scanner (The only indicator you need for forex trading). My Strategy Scanner allows you to create your own strategy and scan all the timeframes, and pairs at the same time. It comes with support and resistance zones, trend lines, and sideways detection. (MT5 version does not include Sideways Detection).  The indicator includes: MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) RSI (Relative Strength Index) Stochastic CCI (Commodity Channel Index) ADX (Average Directional Moving Index)
149.99 USD
This is a strategy builder indicator. It consists of almost all the technical indicators. Include notification and Buy/Sell arrows, Automatic Support and Resistance, and Sideways Detection (MT5 version does not include Sideways Detection and only one type of Support and Resistance).  The indicator includes: MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) RSI (Relative Strength Index) Stochastic CCI (Commodity Channel Index) ADX (Average Directional Moving Index) PSAR (Parabolic Stop and Reverse)
99.99 USD
This indicator Allow you to get notification from 7 indicators. Scan all your favorite pairs with your favorite technical indicator, and get notified on your preferred timeframes. Settings are Customizable (RSI, ADX, MACD, Alligator, Ichimoku, Double MA, and Stochastic) Click to change the time frame or open new pairs Notification: Phone/Popup/Email
50 USD
The Alligator indicator uses three smoothed moving averages, set at five, eight, and 13 periods, which are all Fibonacci numbers. The initial smoothed average is calculated with a simple moving average (SMA), adding additional smoothed averages that slow down indicator turns. Scan all your favorite pairs with Alligator, and get notified on your preferred time frames. Setting is Customizable Click to change time frame or open new pairs Notification: Phone/Popup/Email
30 USD
Simple Long Short Bar A very concise and clear indicator, very easy to understand, but it is very useful for tracking trends. The usage of this indicator is very simple: Long signal: If the price shows signs of a long market, then a yellow box will appear. Short signal: If the price shows signs of a short market, then a blue box will appear. Bull strength: If the size of the box is large, it means the bull strength is strong, and vice versa. Short strength: If the size of the box is small, it m
30 USD
Cash Collector Pro
Casimir Barthelemy Bangoura
This is a Trend Follower EA based on EMA cross and 3 others powerful indicators for higher probability entries, This is a Professional level Strategy. The EA use strict Stop Loss and Take Profit, so you will never blow your account with this EA It works only on 30 minute Timeframe and has shown the best results with GBPUSD  the risk reward ratio is 1:5 , so even with 20 percent win rate, you will still be profitable. Remember, this is not a get rich quick type of EA, it has realistic Results and
499 USD
Talking about Zen "Talking about Zen" is an investment theory of the Internet celebrity " Talking about Zen " on the securities market. His theory seems to be suitable for all volatile investment markets, such as stocks, warrants, and futures. " Talking about Zen " is a technical analysis theory based on morphology and geometry. The trend of any investment market, the trend of any investment market, is essentially like two leaves that cannot be copied and will not be exactly the same, but the
599 USD
Auto Levels
Yaroslav Varankin
Auto Level this tool is able to determine the levels of support and resistance. search and display when the price has broken through the level and when it pushed off from it. the indicator can be useful if you use resistance support levels in your trading. or the highs and lows of the price, then it will greatly simplify your work and help you more quickly and more accurately determine the rebound or breakdown of the current trend or tendencies level. blue line bottom uptrend red line on top dow
500 USD
Chart Analyzer
Innovicient Limited
The Chart Analyzer is an MT4 indicator that provides visual arrow signals without redrawing them. In addition, we have included trendlines to validate your entries. This indicator has been fine-tuned to work with all timeframes and instruments.  The Chart Analyzer has a number of advantages Does not fade or remove arrows when drawn Sends both email and phone alerts. It is light on computer resources Easy to install. Default setting works just fine.  If price opens above the trendline, open
30.50 USD
Radically new perspective on binary options trading . This is New Binary Horizon it was originally . created for binary options and it came out good accuracy no redrawing. an alert will be available in the next update. and the algorithm itself has been improved. at the moment, the tool is more than willing to work with it on binary options. it perfectly recognizes both the smallest and the largest levels. easy to work. can be used by both a professional and a novice without bothering in search o
300 USD

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